Looking for a way to grow your audience and engage your customers?

Whether you're a competition newbie looking to grow your social media followers, or a seasoned giveaway pro wanting to get more from your competitions - you're in the right place.





Making competitions simpler.

Competitions shouldn't be confusing. In fact, competitions and giveaways could just be the most powerful little tool in your small business marketing toolkit. As with any tool, a little training on using them effectively means bigger, better results...

So we created OrigamiGlobe - the home of everything competition and giveaway - to inspire more businesses to run even more effective competitions that get real results.



... we were really surprised by actually how much strategy and work goes into successfully running a competition. 

Miranda Gillespie - Director @ Luxe.It.Fwd



What can competitions help you achieve? 

Competitions and giveaways are an incredibly effective and efficient way to:


launch your business with a bang

grow your email list from as little as $0.91 per email acquisition

grow your social media following by 39%

engage your customers in an exciting and meaningful way

... just generally smash your marketing goals


We know social media isn't the be all and end all, but for a small business it's a damn good place to start. Check out how we've helped our clients to build an active, engaged, interested and loyal customer base by running social media competitions that are carefully tailored to a specific target audience.





Start planning your own kick arse competition!

The last guide to competitions you'll ever need to read is 150+ pages containing absolutely everything you need to know to run a hugely successful competition or giveaway - from deciding your entry method to promoting your competition with Facebook Ads.

The best part? It's completely FREE!



Need help setting up a competition? 

We all need a little help sometimes. Whether you're just starting out in the social media competition world and want to know what it's all about, or think you're ready to get started but need a helping hand to understand Facebook's competition rules or want to know how to get people to enter your competition. Maybe you're ready to up your giveaway game and are planning a competition that's a little more complicated, need some comprehensive terms and conditions that cover you and your business - even for those things you never thought of - or you just want someone to do it for you, our promo pixies are here to help. 



I couldn’t believe how many people entered the contest. I was expecting a handful of entries so I was ecstatic when I saw that it was working... Thank you OrigamiGlobe for opening my eyes to the world of competitions! 

Abigail Ireland - Founder @ Language Lane


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