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Thought competitions and giveaways were all about likes and follows? Think again!

How does making $70,000 of sales from a $6,000 competition sound? How about gaining 464 targeted email addresses in only a week? It’s possible – and we want to get the same results for your business.


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Hey there, I’m Suki and competitions are my jam. In fact, they’re my peanut butter and sliced bread too. I’ve been showing companies like yours throughout Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada and the U.K. how to use competitions, contests and giveaways as the most powerful little tool in your marketing arsenal.

If your latest giveaway felt like the biggest waste of time, money and effort or you’ve avoided them because you think they’re a gimmicky waste of money, I want to change your mind.

I love a challenge almost as much as I love competitions.

Let the numbers do the talking...

Forget expensive budgets. Pay as little as $0.91 per organic, targeted, bona fide email address… 

Need something engaging? How about 174 comments, 181 page likes and 58 shares from just one competition post?

Worried your new fans will abandon you once it’s over? Don’t be. Less than 1% opt out with our targeted strategies.

Never struggle to get entries again – our competitions launch with up to 1,000 entries on day one… Yep, day one!

It’s not just about social media learn how competitions can get over 900 survey responses, at 50%+ email opt in.

Struggling to convert visitors to competition entrants? Let’s work together to get your entry rate to 79% and beyond!


Don't just take our word for it.

OrigamiGlobe’s strategic mindset and recommendations were key to Luxe.It.Fwd achieving such great results... there is no way we could have achieved anywhere near those same results if we had run the competition on our own.

Miranda GillespieDirector at Luxe.It.Fwd

I couldn’t believe how many people entered the contest. I was expecting a handful of entries so I was ecstatic... Thank you OrigamiGlobe for opening my eyes to the world of competitions!

Abigail IrelandFounder at Language Lane

OrigamiGlobe gave us some much needed and very much appreciated help with our competition. They gave us a wealth of expert advice at just the right time which was tailored to our needs. They really went over and above!

Kylea and LaurenThe MyMoneyZen Sisters

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