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Create compelling competitions that get real results.

Thinking about running a competition to grow your business?

You’re in the right place!

Competitions are our jam.

In fact, they’re our peanut butter and sliced bread too – and the reason OrigamiGlobe was born, way back in 2015.

OrigamiGlobe’s mission is to help you run compelling competitions that get real results.  We aim to provide you with everything you need to DIY your own competitions – whether that’s through the hundreds of free resources on our blog, or walking you through the process step by step with our tried and tested, signature Last Guide to Competitions.

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Get started with competitions

absolutely free

100% FREE

The 100% free
Competition Blog.

Almost 150 long-form, detailed, completely free, step-by-step blog posts that walk you through the different aspects of running a successful competition – simply take what you need for free.


The Last Guide
to Competitions.

The Last Guide to Competitions you’ll ever need to read really is just that… it contains absolutely *everything* you need to run a competition – based on over a decade of knowledge and experience.


Happy clients. Real results.

Our competition paid for itself 10 fold and I highly recommend Suki and OrigamiGlobe for anyone looking to maximise their competition and results.

Simon KPedder Wilderness Lodge

We asked a lot of questions and tried to understand at a deeper level what the metrics were telling us... we feel we gained a lot of tips and extra value through this process.


She helped us to set our targets, implement the competition system and see it through until the end. The results blew us away and were far greater than anyone expected!

Matt SRamp Champ

Suki has been an absolute fountain of wisdom and really knows her 💩 in all areas (full strategy, T&Cs, permits, promo schedule, landing pages, and prizes)

Marnie SThe New Kid

A little (but important) note...

OrigamiGlobe’s books are no longer open to new customers. Since 2015 we have been at the absolute forefront of knowledge, expertise and experience when it comes to competitions and giveaways, but our books are now full with existing customers and exciting new ventures…

But with almost 150 juicy blog posts, almost a decade’s worth of information on the website and a timeless guide that’s helped 100s of businesses run extremely successful competitions, we didn’t want to just shut the site down – which is why our blog is still available for the foreseeable future and our much-loved guide is back on sale.

… and in case you’re wondering why you’d bother to pay for the guide instead of just find the info for free in the blog posts?

Well, convenience and time to be honest. You can sift through 10 years of posts and 150 individual 10-minute read posts… or you can get the whole process (the *exact* process) we use laid out step-by-step in an easy to use guide. Totally your call on what your time is worth and your budget allows 😊