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Create compelling competitions that get real results.

Curious about how competitions can help you grow your business?

You’re in the right place!

Hi there, I'm Suki van K...

… and competitions are my jam. In fact, they’re my peanut butter and sliced bread too and the reason I started OrigamiGlobe back in 2015.

I make it my business to know everything and anything about the world of contests, competitions and giveaways and share it in a way that best serves you so you can best serve your customers (and save time, money and brain space – bonus).

My mission is to help you run compelling competitions that get real results.  Whether it’s giving you everything you need to DIY your own competition, walking you through the process with plenty of guidance and feedback, or getting it done for you so you can own your marketing, smash your goals and grow your business.

Heck yeah.

As seen in...

Create your competition.

Your way.


The Competition

Guidance, accountability and support. If you’re looking to take your competition to the next level, the Competition Mastercourse was built for you.


The Competition

Want a competition expert to do it for you so you can get back to doing what you do best? The competition concierge is your new best friend…


Happy clients. Real results.

Our competition paid for itself 10 fold and I highly recommend Suki and OrigamiGlobe for anyone looking to maximise their competition and results.

Simon KPedder Wilderness Lodge

We asked a lot of questions and tried to understand at a deeper level what the metrics were telling us... we feel we gained a lot of tips and extra value through this process.


She helped us to set our targets, implement the competition system and see it through until the end. The results blew us away and were far greater than anyone expected!

Matt SRamp Champ

Suki has been an absolute fountain of wisdom and really knows her 💩 in all areas (full strategy, T&Cs, permits, promo schedule, landing pages, and prizes)

Marnie SThe New Kid