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There are many reasons to choose a game of skill competition – it may be that you’re choosing skill over chance to avoid hefty licence fees, or it could be because you want to collect quality entries and user-generated content from your audience.

Whatever your reason for choosing to run a game of skill, we’ve got 3 real-life client examples of game of skill competitions that work – to inspire your next competition.

Mezic Studio’s answer a question to win competition.

The most common type of game of skill competition you’ll come across is an answer a question to win style competition – for example ‘tell us in 25 words or less why you should win’.

Like them or loathe them, they work.

Why do answer a question to win competitions work?

Most likely because they’re the most easily recognisable of the games of skill out there, which means your entrants are comfortable answering the question and they know what’s expected of them.

When Mezic Studio, a talented duo who take stunning wedding, newborn and family portraits asked us to help them create a competition to generate new leads for their business; we knew we wanted to run a game of skill, so that we could get to know the entrants through their answers and choose winners that would be the right fit for their services.

To increase our chances of converting people who saw their competition into entrants, we decided to run and promote the competition via Facebook leads ads.

As well as their name and email, we asked entrants to “Tell us who you’d love to capture beautifully, forever with Mezic Studio and why…” so we could get an insight into the family they would be capturing if they were chosen as one of the three lucky winners.

With a total of over 1,500 new, qualified leads added to their email database, multiple bookings and a flood of enquiries as a result of the competition; it’s safe to say these games of skill still know how to get results.

Raw C’s submit your photos to win competition.

Another popular game of skill example is the submit your photos/videos for a chance to win competition.

Though they take a little more coordination than answer a question to win style games of skill, they give you some excellent user-generated content to use in your marketing.

Why is user-generated content so great?

Well, besides sorting your social posts for the next 6 months, peer-to-peer marketing is a lot more compelling and likely to result in conversions to paid customers than a business telling a potential customer their USPs…

Let us show you a perfect example.

Raw C makes seriously tasty coconut-based products that beg to be posted on Instagram. Our agreed goal was to increase brand awareness for their products, with one lucky winner scooping a wellness weekend in the Hunter Valley, plus some yummy Raw C goodies.

Entrants were asked to ‘share your #rawsome’, either by submitting the form on the landing page or posting to social and with the competition hashtags.

With 7,400+ total visits to the website during the promotion (89% of those being new visitors discovering the brand through our competition) and the user-generated photos, recipes, testimonials, poems and rhymes submitted as entries – our competition did an excellent job of creating brand awareness for Raw C.

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Robe’s brand ambassador search.

A slightly more unusual type of game of skill competition, is an application-style competition, where hopeful entrants submit their details for a chance at becoming the official face of a brand.

They might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but brand ambassador competitions work hard for your brand on multiple levels.

Why are brand ambassador search competitions useful?

Forming a long-lasting partnership with a key member of your target demographic and having them help promote your brand to their peers is an incredibly effective way to reach an audience you may not normally have access too.

In addition, as part of your partnership (and their prize) they model your products or services, giving you endless social media content to help promote your business – which of course your ambassador will be more than happy to share…

When Robe first launched, they enlisted our help to embark on a search for the perfect brand ambassador to share their journey (and their wardrobe) and help promote their brand.

Entrants were asked to submit a video explaining why they should be chosen as Robe’s brand ambassador via a dedicated landing page on the newly-launched site.

We received a number of high quality applicants, but it all narrowed down to a shortlist of five. After a face-to-face interview, our winner was crowned and the Robe brand officially had a new face.

Whatever your reason for choosing a game of skill competition, we want you to know that they do work… and they work well if you know what you’re doing, have a solid strategy, execute it well and of course promote the heck out of your game of skill competition.

If you need a hand coming up with ideas, want to talk your idea for a game of skill over with our experts or want to dive right in and get started, we’d love to chat.