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Meet the original competition nerd…

Suki van K.

Helping you run kick arse competitions that get more than just likes.

Since 2015.

The OG competition nerd.

Hey there!

My name is Suki van K (because Sukina van Koeverden is a mouthful).

Speaker. Author. Teacher. Competition Strategist… and die-hard Killers fan.

Japanese/Dutch by name, English by birth and Aussie by choice – je parle aussi couramment le français.

I’m the world’s first and only dedicated competition expert and strategist and it’s fair to say I’m obsessed with competitions – namely sharing my knowledge and passion with business owners and marketers alike through teaching, speaking and writing about all things competitions.

When I’m not nerding out over competitions, you’ll find me on the beach with my rescue dog Stella, trying to get through all the books I buy then never read, or singing along at the top of my lungs to my own private Killers karaoke.

The OrigamiGlobe origins story.

“I was down to my last $1…”

Just messing, this isn’t one of those origin stories!

Actually, I had a pretty cushy corporate job creating prize packages for the likes of Disney, AAMI, Pepsi, Doritos and Woolworths. This is where I first fell in love with competitions. I used to take my clients out for “working lunches” (in air quotes) to grill them about competitions and whether games of chance were better than games of skill…

I was hooked.

My then boss asked me to come up with a business plan for growing the prize fulfilment department that I managed. So I dutifully googled ‘how to write a business plan’ and got to work. Upon presenting said business plan, my boss pushed it aside and told me to ‘just keep cold calling until someone wants a competition’. Nice.

So in 2015 I quit my job, packed up my desk (including the ill-fated business plan), moved interstate and launched OrigamiGlobe to share my passion and knowledge with people like you – who are interested in running compelling competitions that get real results and marketing your business in a meaningful way.

No cold-calling required.

What does that mean for you?


Irresistible competitions that connect, engage and convert. Every time.


Forget Facebook follows and Instagram likes, let’s talk cash in the bank.


Reaching your people in a way that feels natural and easy, not fake and sleazy.

This bit's about you...

You’ve read all about me and my origin story, maybe had a chuckle, maybe eye-rolled at my sense of humour – but you’re still contemplating competitions.

Am I right? Awesome. I didn’t scare you off.

You and I are going to get on famously if:

  • You’re a small or medium business owner with big dreams and goals
  • You’re a marketer or agency sick of running like to win competitions
  • You need help with one aspect of your competition or the whole heckin’ lot
  • You’re ready to start converting your entrants to paying customers
  • You’re tired of going down the Google rabbit hole for competition help
  • You’re ready to make competitions work for you not the other way around
  • You don’t mind the occasional dad joke (OK, more than occasional…)
  • You know the words to ‘Mr Brightside’ (kidding… but there are bonus points)

We will absolutely not get on if…

  • You want to run a raffle or charge for entry (immediate no)
  • You’re looking for a get rich quick scheme (absolute no)
  • You’re starting a competition site (categoric no)

If this sounds like you (the good stuff not the bad stuff), why not find out how I can help you DIY your own competition, teach you how to run competitions or just get it done for you.

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