We're self-confessed competition geeks.

… and we’re not ashamed to admit it. Seriously, when the NSW government announced they were considering changing the licensing laws we partied like it was nineteen ninety-nine. We make it our business to know everything and anything about the world of competitions and giveaways so you can save your brain space for running your business.

This isn’t your average about page so we’re not going to use cliché buzzwords and waffle on about crap you don’t care about. The bottom line is; when it comes to competitions, we know our stuff. In previous lives we created all manner of exciting prize packages, worked on national promos and managed lovely winners for the likes of AAMI, Woolworths, Disney, Pepsi and Doritos… but we knew there was more. More companies we could help and more meaningful ROI we could squeeze out of competitions.

So our Chief Competition Nerd Suki packed up her desk, said goodbye to her clients, took her sad-looking cactus home and started OrigamiGlobe.

Why OrigamiGlobe?!

It's all about me.

No really, this section is all about me.

We all know a small business is really about the slightly crazy but totally tenacious person-with-an-idea behind the brand, because that’s whose expertise and get-stuff-done attitude you’re relying on to make your business a success. So meet me, Suki, Chief Giveaway Guru at OrigamiGlobe.

English by birth, I always had wanderlust fizzing in my soul, so in my mid-twenties I sold all my things, packed a bag and moved to Australia. Some (mis)adventures later, I met my fiancé, settled in Brisbane and started my business. I LOVE learning – literally anything – so in my spare time I learn languages (I’m fluent in French and speak patchy German and Spanish), play guitar and bass (I’ve played at The Annandale for all you music buffs) and read anything I can get my hands on. I’m a retro gaming geek who loves a bit of Mario and Zelda and adore animals. My CFO (that’s Chief Fetch Officer), Stella thinks I’m a pretty rad boss.

Oh and in case you were wondering, my sad cactus thrived out of the office environment and treated me to some beautiful pink flowers this year…
How symbolic.

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