We're self-confessed competition geeks.

… and we’re not ashamed to admit it. Seriously, when the NSW government announced the changes to competition licensing laws we partied like it was nineteen ninety-nine. We make it our business to know everything and anything about the world of competitions and giveaways so you can save your brain space for running your business.

This isn’t your average about page so we’re not going to use cliché buzzwords and waffle on about crap you don’t care about. The bottom line is; when it comes to competitions, we know our stuff. In previous lives we created all manner of exciting prize packages, worked on national promos and managed lovely winners for the likes of AAMI, Woolworths, Disney, Pepsi and Doritos… but we knew there was more. More companies we could help and more meaningful ROI we could squeeze out of competitions.

So our Chief Competition Nerd Suki packed up her desk, said goodbye to her clients, took her sad-looking cactus home and started OrigamiGlobe.

Why OrigamiGlobe?!

Meet the team...

Suki van Koeverden

Chief Competition Nerd and Giveaway Guru

English by birth, Japanese/Dutch by name, German by heritage and fluent in French, Suki always had wanderlust fizzing in her soul; so in her mid-twenties she sold all her things, packed a bag and moved to Australia. Some (mis)adventures later, she met her now husband, settled in Brisbane and started OrigamiGlobe.

Suki loves learning – literally anything – so in her spare time she learns languages, plays guitar and bass and reads anything she can get her hands on. She’s a retro gaming geek who loves a bit of Mario and Zelda and adores animals. Our CFO (that’s Chief Fetch Officer), Stella thinks Suki is a pretty rad boss.

Oh and in case you were wondering, the sad cactus thrived out of the office environment and treated us to some beautiful pink flowers… How symbolic.

Rachael Janssen


Rachael is a problem solver, coffee drinker and reality television connoisseur.

Originally from sunny Brisbane, Rachael now works from her office in Vancouver, Canada where she spends most of her days creating engaging Facebook Ads while trying to stay warm.

When she’s not hard at work writing the perfect ad copy, you can find her trying to convince her dog Charlie, that he doesn’t need to steal all her socks.

Ash Jacobi


Ash is the one who makes everything happen here at OrigamiGlobe. She’s responsible for all things content, website, newsletters, other fun stuff, morning tea, coffee and admin.

Based in our Brisbane office, Ash is a FIFO wife and mum to a sassy seven year old. She’s passionate about helping businesses succeed and reach their goals.

When she’s not kicking Suki’s butt to get something launched or write a blog post, she’s learning all she can about competitions as an official ‘Competition Nerd in Training’.

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