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Puggle Baby Australia is a baby gear company with a difference – catering to adventurous parents who want to keep the adventure going, even after they start a family.

When they mentioned they wanted to run a competition to build an audience of adventurous parents ahead of their Nappy Backpack launch, we knew Competition in a Box would be the perfect way to help them maximise not only their marketing budget, but their audience reach and competition results too.

Creating the competition…

Nath and Tiff, the founders of Puggle Baby Australia, got straight into it with The last guide to competitions you’ll ever need to read workbook. Working through the resources, step by step allowed them to build up their competition in a logical way that stopped the process feeling overwhelming.

Starting with the groundwork for the competition, Puggle got crystal clear on what they wanted to achieve from their competition and what key information they wanted their entrants to know about the competition and their brand.

“The workbook was really good, especially from the perspective of clarifying what the message for the competition was and for setting the costs out beforehand.”

Using the comprehensive inclusions in Competition in a Box, they mapped out their competition timeline, decided on the best entry method for their goal and business and built their – impressively high-converting – entry page…

The results.

So how did they do?!

They smashed it!

We were so pleased to see that within a matter of days, using the Competition in a Box resources, they had put together a competition that got real results for their business:

  • 704 targeted, engaged, relevant and unique email addresses that perfectly matched their adventurous parent demographic
  • An extremely impressive 69% conversion rate from landing page visitor to entrant, which tells us they were attracting quality traffic, they were offering a compelling prize and their messaging was on point
  • 156 bonus new Facebook page likes – not compulsory for entry, but a very welcome bonus!
  • 2 immediate pre-launch sales of their brand new product post-competition (with more on the way!)

What did Puggle Baby have to say?

“We really loved how comprehensive and well thought out the Competition in a Box was. We’ve done competitions before, but never really thought out the process this way.

By following the workbook steps, we were able to really clarify our messaging and plan out how the competition was going to run. This allowed us to be really clear on what we wanted to gain out of the competition and what we needed to do to achieve it.”

Nath and Tiff DPuggle Baby Australia

Well done on your incredible competition results Puggle Baby Australia, we can’t wait to see the next one…

Want to DIY your own successful competition, just like Puggle Baby? Check out Competition in a Box and get started today!