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Competition Concierge: competitions expertly
done for you.

Want maximum ROI from your competition with minimum effort?

Silly question… of course you do!

In need of a competition expert?

I know you’re the type of person who likes to get straight to the point, get stuff done, smash your goals out of the park and move on to the next big, exciting project. Me too.

I’m also going to guess your week is chock full of meetings, your to do list for today is at least 20 items long and you’ve already had about 3 cups of coffee… again, me too.

When it comes to creating a competition, you know the investment is going to be worth it, but you just don’t have the time, energy or headspace to dedicate to making it the success you know it can be… what you do have are the resources and smarts to know some things are best left to the experts in their field – and that’s why you’re here.

If you want to run a super successful competition and want someone who knows what they’re doing to get it done for you, I’m your girl.

Call the competition concierge.

I come from a corporate background where I worked closely with big businesses and marketing agencies like Allianz, Woolworths, Bauer Media and Southern Cross Austereo to create competition prize packages, so I know how fast-paced, chockablock, demanding and hectic it gets.

After I started OrigamiGlobe and as my business grew, I quickly realised that often bigger business owners and marketing agencies aren’t really interested in learning the whys and the hows of running a competition, they just want it done and they want the great results that come with outsourcing to an expert.

I created the Competition Concierge service, to take the work off your plate, the weight off your shoulders and put the out-of-this-world results in your hot little hands.

So here’s how Competition Concierge works…

  • You come up with an idea for a competition you want to run
  • You get in touch and we have a quick chat about your idea
  • I put together some tailored concepts for your competition
  • You make any changes, tweaks or suggestions to make it yours
  • You get back to what doing whatever it is that you do best…
  • I’ll create your competition – from entry page to email copy
  • I’ll take care of the legals, from Facebook rules to T&Cs
  • I’ll create and schedule your promotional assets including ads
  • I’ll monitor your competition daily – testing, tweaking, optimising
  • I’ll report back weekly on our progress and vital competition stats
  • I’ll close your competition, plus draw and announce your winner
  • After close, I’ll compile a detailed debrief on your ROI and results
  • All the while you’ll have priority support for *anything* you need

What's included?

The Competition Concierge package is complete competition management from start to finish, by the world’s first and only dedicated competition expert and strategist with a decade of experience.

You bring the idea, I do the rest so you can get back to what you do best.

… If we’re honest, Competition Concierge is your secret weapon, shortcut to astronomical results and a way to make you look really, *really* good at what you do to everyone that matters, be it yourself, your clients or your boss.

Here’s what’s included with Competition Concierge:


From your prize to your entry method, our strategy ensures your competition smashes your goals.


Your terms and conditions, social media rules compliance and licence applications all taken care of.


A comprehensive promotion schedule that includes social posts, landing pages, emails and ad setup.

Monitoring and

I’ll monitor, tweak and optimise your competition daily plus deliver weekly reports by email.

ROI debrief.

A comprehensive ROI debrief report detailing what you achieved, how we achieved it and what to do next…

phone support.

Dedicated and priority phone and email support from me, Suki van K, your resident competition expert.

Competition Concierge is perfect
for you if…

  • You’re a business owner with a marketing budget but no time to DIY.
  • You’re a marketing agency whose clients want kick arse competitions.
  • You’re busy. Start every email with ‘sorry for the late reply’ kinda busy.
  • You see the value (and ROI) in paying an expert to do an expert’s job.
  • You want amazing results but don’t have the time/skills to do it yourself.
  • You’re more focussed on return on investment than vanity metrics.

Suki’s arsenal includes everything one would need to run a successful competition… Highly recommend Suki and you can rest assured that she will deliver the results for your competition.

Shiv NDestination Gold Coast

Get a quote.

Ready for concierge level service and next level return on your competition investment?

Pop your details in the form below and tell me a little bit about your competition idea. I’ll give you a call to chat further and we can see if we’re a match made in competition heaven…

Meet your expert, Suki van K!

Competition nerd, your secret weapon and die-hard Killers fan.

It’s not everyday you meet someone as obsessed with competitions as I am. Fortunately for you, my obsession is your secret weapon and I would absolutely love to work together to create a competition that blows your mind, smashes your goals and increases your ROI ten-fold.

I created the Competition Concierge package to be your business’ new best buddy, to take care of every competition concern and make sure your competition delivers over and above expectations.

If it sounds like we might get along, I would love to help you create your next competition!

Any questions?

What if I want a custom competition package?

No problemo. After we chat, I will create a custom package just for you and your competition, with all the bits you want and none of the stuff you don’t!

Get in touch with me via the form above and let me know a little bit about your competition. I’ll give you a call back and we can chat about your needs. I’ll then go away and mastermind the perfect package for your custom competition.

Can you whitelabel the competition for us?

Sort of. If you’re running a competition on behalf of a client, I don’t need to speak directly to that client if you don’t want me to and your client never needs to know you’ve hired help to get the job done.

I don’t ‘whitelabel’ the materials I deliver to you (it’s too time consuming and I’d have to charge much more for my services), but I’m happy for you to pop the content into your branded stationery for you to pass on to your client. I don’t demand credit or require attribution nor do I plaster my branding across any marketing materials. It’s your competition, you’re the star of the show, I’m just the magician’s glamorous and knowledgeable assistant!

How long will we be working together?

It depends on the duration of your competition but on average I will work with and collaborate with my concierge clients for around 3 months.

Our first couple of weeks are prep and me working madly behind the scenes to create your competition. The bulk of our time will be when the competition is open (usually 4-8 weeks) where I’ll be monitoring, tweaking, optimising and reporting back on the competition’s progress and making changes to get the most from your competition (and budget). The final few weeks working together will be wrapping up the competition, which involves me closing the competition, drawing the winner, notifying the winner, announcing the winner, helping with prize arrangements and then putting everything your competition achieved and all the juicy lessons it taught you into a debrief chock full of stats, explanations of how and why we got those stats and takeaway lessons you can use for future marketing or competitions.

Can you help with [insert your competition need here]?

Yes. If it’s competition-related, I will be able to help.

Please remember that there is no such thing as a stupid question or weird request when it comes to competitions, I’ve heard ‘em all, so get in touch and let’s chat about how I can help with your [insert your competition need here]!

Will my competition get your full attention?

Abso-heckin-lutely. I only take on a small number of Competition Concierge clients a year so that I can give you and your competition my full attention and decade’s worth of experience and knowledge. You pay for a competition expert, so you get a competition expert!

I personally work on every single competition from start to finish, go to woah, I do not outsource overseas or give it to the interns (I don’t even have interns). I do however have a couple of secret weapons of my own behind the scenes – I do have an graphic designer who may work on your marketing material and a very awesome company that manages the T&Cs and winner draws so that your competition is above board and 100% legal plus looks good doing it. These two exceptions are so I can deliver the best possible competition for you and I’m up front and transparent about the fact I do get external help with legals and graphic design.

Other than that, your competition is my raison d’être for the duration of our time together.

What kind of results can I expect?

That’s a great question! When we chat, I will ask you a few questions about your business or client, to help me understand the audience size, conversion rates and advertising budget we’re working with. I’ll then pop that info into a very swanky little formula and tell you exactly what we can expect from your particular competition. We’ll then use this information to create a stretch goal to work towards achieving with your competition.

I will just add a little disclaimer though – every competition and every business is different, so whilst you’ll have an idea of what to expect right from day one; there’s no standard or guaranteed result.

Can you help me launch my competition site?

Hard no. If you’re looking to run a site where people buy tickets or buy entries to a competition to win a prize such as a jet ski, a house or a car, I absolutely, categorically will not be able to help, so please do not get in touch for competition site enquiries.

What if I have another question?

I’m more than happy to chat! Get in touch via the form above, or feel free to give me a call on +61 3419 3726 or shoot me an email to