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Imagine you’ve spent the last month planning and running a competition. It comes to closing day, you draw the winner… and they’re the complete opposite of your ideal competition entrant – or worse – a prize pig. It’s frustrating because you know they won’t appreciate the prize, posting photos of them with their prize would attract more of the wrong audience and your competition might feel like a huge waste of time and money. The good news is that this nightmare scenario is totally avoidable – a few tweaks to the way you run your competition and the strategy behind it will help you reel in more relevant entrants who are more likely to become loyal customers. No prize pigs in sight.


Who is your ideal competition entrant?

Nailing your target demographic (or ideal customer, target demographic, buyer persona) is marketing 101, so if you’re well-versed in marketing apologies for going back to basics, but as you know, it’s a crucial step for any marketing campaign.

We’ve all heard the maxim ‘if you’re selling to everyone, you’re selling to no one’ and it’s true. If your answer to the above question is ‘everyone’, then you’re going to struggle getting entries because you’re entrants won’t know if your competition is for them, not to mention it’s going to be harder to get your giveaway in front of your target audience if you don’t know who they are.


Why do I need an ideal entrant anyway?

Creating an ideal competition entrant gives you laser focus to tailor every decision about and aspect of your competition to that ideal entrant, ensuring you maximise every cent spent on your competition and maximise the number of entries to gain.


How do I create one?

It’s no secret that Hubspot is one of my go to recommendations for everything marketing and they have some great resources for creating your own buyer persona for your business in general. Whilst your ideal customer for your business and your ideal competition entrant should really be one and the same, I’ve created a ideal customer template, specifically geared towards your competition entrants. It’s only one page and it’s really not too taxing, I promise. Just pop your email below and your download will start instantly.

How is this useful for my competition?

If you downloaded the cheat sheet above, you’ll see that we got you to think about what challenges your ideal entrant faces as well as what they value and their personality type. This information is incredibly important when it comes to things like customising the messaging for your giveaway and tailoring your prizes to your ideal audience. After all, if your target market is new mums in their early thirties, you don’t want to give away a booze cruise aimed at singles – you’re just not going to attract your ideal customers!

By getting to know your ideal competition entrant, understanding what they do in their free time and where they hang out online or in the real world, you know how you can get your competition in front of them.


When it comes to running a competition, understanding who your ideal entrant is will give you a huge head start in tailoring it towards their interests and making sure your competition is visible so you can ensure you’re collecting entries from people who are relevant to your business.

Once you’ve nailed your idea competition entrant, why not have a look at the next step in running a kick arse competition with The last guide to competitions you’ll ever need to read?

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