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The last
guide to competitions you’ll ever need.

Learn how to DIY your own competitions in one complete guide.

Your budget, your pace, your way.

Want to DIY your competition?

Maybe you’re at the beginning of your business journey, looking for ways to grow or perhaps you’re totally new to competitions and don’t want to throw big bucks at a competition until you know it’s going to work for you…

Whatever your reasons, you’ve decided a DIY competition is *exactly* what you need.


… but after falling down the Google rabbit-hole, you’re even more confused, totally overwhelmed and still have no idea where to start when it comes to DIY-ing your own competition that will *actually* get real results for your business – especially when you’re working on a shoestring budget.

Not so amazing.

If only there was a simple, no nonsense, totally affordable DIY guide written by *the* expert in competitions and giveaways that walks you through, step-by-step, how to run an incredibly successful competition…

Oh wait, there is!

It’s The Last Guide to Competitions
You’ll Ever Need.

Back in 2015 when I first started OrigamiGlobe, I had no money but plenty of time. I had no clients (just yet) but I did have a shed-load of passion, knowledge and determination. Maybe this sounds familiar?

I knew wholeheartedly that I wanted to share absolutely everything I knew about my special area of expertise – running compelling competitions that get real results. So I wrote down the whole process, start to finish, from initial idea to closing a competition. All the tips, tricks and strategies that I’d learnt about competitions whilst working in corporate creating prize packages for the likes of AAMI, Disney and Woolworths.

Then I put it into practice over the next few years testing, tweaking, editing and rewriting the process, adding in more of what worked and chucking away what didn’t.

Many versions, lots of coffee and hundreds of competitions later, The Last Guide to Competitions You’ll Ever Need is ready to guide you through DIYing your own wildly successful competition again and again and again…

Written by the world’s first and only dedicated competition expert (that’s me!) you can trust that this guide is up to date, comprehensive and guaranteed to up-level you and your business.

With the last guide to competitions, you will…

  • Get instant access to everything I know about running competitions
  • Set yourself and your competition up for success with a solid strategy
  • Build a competition that smashes goals and reaches the right people
  • Ensure your competition obeys the rules and avoids ‘Facebook jail’
  • Learn how to interpret your results and troubleshoot any problems
  • Discover how to promote the living *heck* out of your competition
  • Understand how to close your competition and choose your winner
  • Know how convert your competition entrants into paying customers
  • Gain a tool to grow your audience (and your revenue) over and over
  • Emerge totally confident in running your own kick arse competitions.

… and all for just $22. Shut up and take my money.

What's included?

Your Last Guide to Competitions is a 50 page, PDF, digital guide that walks you through, step-by-step, exactly what you need to do, how you need to do it and when you need to do it by in order to run a successful competition that smashes your goals and grows your business.

Essentially it’s absolutely everything I know about running compelling competitions that get real results in one comprehensive guide. Devour it whole in one sitting or implement as you go, chapter by chapter, step by step.

Here’s what’s inside in The Last Guide to Competitions:

Chapter 1.


  • Set your competition goal
  • Find your ideal customer
  • Craft your competition messaging
  • Work out your budget
  • Establish a timeline
  • Decide your prize
  • Work out your entry method

Chapter 2.


  • Decide where to host
  • Set up the entry page/post
  • Design your marketing material
  • Create a promotion schedule

Chapter 3.


  • Obey social media rules
  • Write your terms and conditions
  • Apply for relevant licences
  • Check your legal obligations

Chapter 4.


  • Check you’re ready
  • Benchmark your current stats
  • It’s launch time
  • What do I do now?

Chapter 5.


  • Get people to enter
  • Maximise your entries
  • Keep an eye on your analytics
  • Don’t do these things…

Chapter 6.


  • Close your competition
  • Choose and announce your winner
  • Manage your winner
  • Post-competition analysis
  • If things didn’t quite go to plan…
  • Use your results

Limited time bonus

Grab The Last Guide to Competitions now and snag yourself a FREE digital and print-friendly workbook to help you take action on creating your competition!

Last guide
digital download.

The Last Guide to Competitions delivered immediately in PDF format, perfect for reading on laptops, tablets and phones.

Last guide
printable version.

Plus a no-fluff, printer-friendly version of the guide for those who prefer to print, read and scribble.

BONUS last guide workbook.

BONUS 60 page Last Guide to Competitions workbook in both print-friendly and digital, fillable PDF format.

The Last Guide is perfect for you if…

  • You’re about to run your first ever competition (woohoo!)
  • You’ve got big dreams and goals for your brand and business.
  • You’d rather jump in, get your hands dirty and do it yourself than outsource.
  • You love immersing yourself wholeheartedly in learning a totally new skill.
  • You want to claim the ‘ah-ha!’ moments for yourself (as you well should!)
  • You take pride in the results that you achieve in your business.

I happened upon Origamiglobe's amazing book of gold... You never know how much there is to know until you start learning. Suki is amazingly helpful and generous with her wealth of knowledge. Thank you!

Judith KL

Get the guide.

Grab The Last Guide to Competitions you’ll ever need for just $22 AUD

PLUS bonus workbook valued at $30 AUD!



  • Last Guide to Competitions PDF
  • Last Guide printable PDF version
  • BONUS workbook (PDF + printable)

Meet the author, Suki van K!

Competition nerd, The Last Guide author and die-hard Killers fan.

I get that DIY is sometimes best. When I started OrigamiGlobe, I did everything myself (and I mean everything). Website – check, photography – check, even logo – check. I was on a serious shoestring budget and had big goals to achieve.

Just like you.

That’s why I wrote the Last Guide – everything you need to run kick arse competitions that get real results – so that even on a budget and doing it yourself, you can still achieve out-of-this-world results with your competitions and giveaways.

So here it is, The Last Guide to Competitions, dedicated to you – the DIYer.

Any questions?

Why would I buy a guide when there's info online for free?

Excellent question. One of the main reasons I wrote the guide was because I wanted a reliable, step-by-step guide with all of the information in one place for when I ran competitions for my clients.

I was tired of reading conflicting information on 20 different blogs about whether licences are required in a certain state or not or reading out of date information about whether tag and share is permitted or not. So I went straight to the sources, bookmarked them (so I could keep my guide up to date) and wrote everything out in The Last Guide as my one source of competition truth – and now I’m sharing it with you in this comprehensive guide.

Sure, you can grab your Sherlock Holmes hat and pipe and trawl Google for answers, or even find a lot of the information in The Fold blog posts, or for the price of avo on toast, you can grab the guide, save yourself the time and frustration and get on with creating your competition and raking in those sales!

Is the guide up to date?

Yep! The guide was last updated in 2022 and as I run competitions for my clients, I regularly update the information to make sure I have the most up to date guide available both for the competitions I run for clients and to give to you to run competitions for your business.

What if the guide is updated - do I get free updates?

Yep! If I release a major update to The Last Guide to Competitions, I’ll send a fresh, hot-off-the-virtual-press copy straight to your inbox.

Lifetime updates for the price of a couple of coffees, not bad hey?

Who are you and why should I trust you with my $22?

Healthy scepticism. I like it.

I’m Suki van K, competition expert and strategist. I’ve been creating competitions for a decade for both huge, international businesses and local, small businesses and freelancers. Competitions are my jam, bread and butter and I’m pretty heckin’ passionate about sharing what I know, to empower you to run competitions so that you can share what you know with the world.

I would bet $22 that if it’s about competitions and it’s worth knowing, it’s in this guide. So you can rest assured your $22 is safely invested in this mighty competition guide.

Another guide... *eye roll* why should I bother?

You shouldn’t.

If you’ve got to this point and genuinely need convincing to buy the guide, it’s probably not the right fit for you. If you don’t like reading guides, you can always learn via the Competition Mastercourse, or get me to create and manage your competition for you.

Hey, wasn't this guide on your site for free in the old days?

An older version of the guide was, yes.

Back in the old days, I put the guide up online for all to access for free and you know what happened? It was too overwhelming.

People didn’t want to read it on a webpage. In fact, according to my trusty Google Analytics, people spent just 43 seconds on the page before heading off elsewhere on the site. So I edited and repackaged the guide as a PDF and I’m selling it for the cost of brekkie so that if you’re invested, you might just spend more than 43 seconds reading it… and if you read it, you just might launch your competition… and if you launch your competition, you just might achieve incredible things.