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To celebrate the huge milestone of 10 years of dusting, mopping, vacuuming and cleaning homes in the Raleigh area of North Carolina, USA, Dust and Mop wanted to create a competition that would give locals their small moments back to enjoy with their family, friends and loved ones – without worry about cleaning up dust bunnies and dog hair.

They asked us competition nerds at OrigamiGlobe to take care of every last detail making their idea of giving away an entire year’s worth of house cleaning a reality. After consoling ourselves that we wouldn’t be eligible to win a clean house for a year (can you imagine?!) we got to work planning a kick ass competition that would not only generate leads and bookings, but brand awareness in the local area too.

Who are Dust and Mop.

Dust and Mop are an independent and locally owned and operated business based in North Carolina, USA. As well as providing outstanding one-off and recurring cleaning services with consistently high 4.9/5 star reviews on Facebook; they are also part of a network which offers free home cleaning for women with cancer.

The competition challenge.

We set ourselves a goal of gaining 200-250 engaged, qualified email entrants based in Dust and Mop’s geographic service area with the aim of converting around 10% of those entrants into regular cleaning customers after the competition closed.

One of the big challenges as a locally owned and operated business that serves a limited ZIP code area; was ensuring our competition was seen by the right people in the right postcodes, whilst not limiting our reach so much that we stopped ourselves from achieving our goal.

Our competition strategy.

We’re big on brand awareness when it comes to competitions and wanted to make sure all of our competition messaging and creative communicated Dust and Mop’s newly adopted ‘get back those small moments’ slogan.

To enter the competition, entrants had to visit a dedicated competition landing page on the cleaning company’s website, fill in their name, email and postcode and tell us which small moments they would take back if they won.

From finally finishing the book that gathers dust next to the bed to making sure Fido gets a walk each and every night, we wanted to know what not having to clean for a year would give their target audience the time to do instead.

An example of the promotional material created for the competition to promote brand awareness.

By redirecting entrants to a thank you page after they had successfully entered, we were able to run additional retargeting ads alongside our regular competition ads targeting those that had seen the competition page, but not the thank you page to up our conversion rate and ensure we captured the warmest and most relevant leads.

How did we do?

As it turned out, we needn’t have worried about potentially limited reach – not only did we achieve our goal, but we smashed it right out of the park.

  • Despite our stretch goal of 250 entries, we managed to attract 1,002 competition entrants all hoping to win a year’s worth of cleaning from Dust and Mop.
  • Over 54% of visitors converted from a visitor to a competition entrant.
  • By asking a game of skill question, it enabled us to choose a winner that would truly benefit from getting their small moments back, but also taught us a lot about the cleaning company’s target demographic.
Common words Dust and Mop’s entrants used to describe taking back their small moments and what the prize would mean to them.
  • During the competition period, the number of website enquiries jumped significantly, demonstrating that we were attracting warm and genuine leads ready to convert to customers.
  • Despite the relatively small and extremely targeted audience, we were able to consistently keep the cost per lead under $3 an email address (against an average industry standard of up to $8 an email address).

We have been honoured to celebrate Dust and Mop’s 10th birthday with them and truly make a difference to their lucky winner by giving them back the time to spend with their family. By trusting us to keep the competition running smoothly whilst they kept their business running smoothly, we were able to achieve some truly excellent results together. Congratulations on 10 years in business, Dust and Mop – here’s to the next 10!

If you have a special milestone to celebrate, want to give back to your customers or community or just want to run a kick ass competition like Dust and Mop, you know who to call.