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After hearing our Chief Competition Nerd Suki speak on Stevie Says Social’s podcast, Kym and Tania of East Forged knew OrigamiGlobe would be the ones to help bring their competition to life. Here’s how we helped them build an engaged and relevant database of tea fans ahead of their all-important Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

What exactly is East Forged?

East Forged is powered by determination, hard work and a little bit of nitro. The brainchild of two highly awarded and successful businesswomen (and tea afficionados) Tania and Kym; East Forged is tea reimagined.

Cold brew, exotic flavours, nitro-infused and personified by three playful characters, East Forged certainly lives up to its mantra of ‘stay wondrous, live connected and forge an independent life’ – all things we worked hard to embody throughout their competition.

Forging the perfect competition strategy.

As a completely fresh brand with no audience and a new and innovative concept in food and beverage, Kym and Tania knew that to succeed in their crowdfunding campaign, they needed to build an audience and create a buzz.

Together we masterminded a competition that would build a quality, engaged, relevant and tailored database of subscribers, create brand awareness for the newly-minted business and gain an in-depth understanding of who their target audience is and how to reach them ahead of the official launch of the Kickstarter campaign.

What we did.

With our goal of collecting as many relevant email addresses as possible and our target audience being heavy social media users, we decided to collect entries via a Facebook/Instagram lead ad that was carefully AB tested and optimised to convert as highly as possible.

Though our competition aim was to build a high quality database the duo could mobilise during the Kickstarter, we were keenly aware that the future of East Forged hinged on a successful crowdfunding campaign, so did all we could to ensure Tania and Kym had as much intel on their audience as possible to help them on the next step of their journey, post competition.

The results.

We all know the proof is in the pudding, so how did the competition perform?

  • By the end of the 11 week competition, we collected 3,592 qualified emails.
  • We reached almost 119,000 people, creating brand awareness and building up a clear picture of who was (and who wasn’t) our ideal audience.
  • We had an 81% conversion rate from people who clicked our lead form ad to people who entered the competition – against an industry standard of just 30%.
  • We paid $1.03 per email address/conversion overall, against an industry average of $2-3, though this overall average does include split testing creative and experimenting with over 50 unique audiences to find the perfect audience for East Forged.
Tania, competition winner Vince, his lucky friend who will share the prize with him and Kym.

Here’s what Kym had to say.

“We feel fortunate to have come across OrigamiGlobe whilst listening to a Stevie Says Social podcast. Suki and Rachael were a power team when it came to running our competition for us. We asked a lot of questions and tried to understand at a deeper level what the metrics were telling us. Suki always handled these in a timely and professional manner and we feel we gained a lot of tips and extra value through this process. We would happily work with OrigamiGlobe again.”

Kym C.East Forged Pty Ltd

We’re sure you’re as curious as we are and want to know how their Kickstarter performed? We’re pleased and proud to announce that East Forged is officially fully funded! They raised $15,000 to launch an exciting and innovative new way to enjoy tea – with 26% of the funding coming from competition entrants – cheers to that!

If you want to find out how OrigamiGlobe can put the sparkle in your crowdfunding campaign, get in touch with us via our contact page or book in a free strategy session to chat through your ideas.