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Hot Southern Miss is no stranger to competitions.

Their Facebook competitions have reached tens of thousands of people – with the engagement to match – but one thing their previous competitions lacked was sales.

This Australian brand approached OrigamiGlobe to help create a competition that would not only engage their audience on social media, but convert that engagement into traffic to the website – and ultimately, sales of their products.

Who is Hot Southern Miss?

Hot Southern Miss is an Australian country lifestyle inspired clothing and accessories brand that’s all about living the Australian dream.

The competition challenge.

Together, we set out with the primary goal of driving targeted, relevant and engaged traffic to the Hot Southern Miss website.

Once on the website, we aimed to get visitors to firstly submit their email address to enter the competition and secondly generate product sales.

I’m all about the specifics, so in terms of actual figures, we aimed to drive at least 9,000 visitors to the website and generate $45,000 worth of sales.

Hot Southern Miss’ Hot Summer Competition.

As our primary aim was to drive targeted traffic to the website, it was obvious we would choose to run an ‘enter your email to win‘ style competition on the Hot Southern Miss website.

I designed and built a simple, dedicated landing page that integrated with their email marketing platform so that entries would automatically be added to a competition list in their email platform (which is super helpful when it comes to picking your winner).

Together we created a series of social media posts using data and trends that worked in previous competitions to promote the contest and drive traffic from social media to the competition landing page.

Once a person entered, they were redirected to a thank you page and shown relevant products, which also happened to be part of the bumper prize package they had just entered to win.

Did the competition work?

Heck yeah it did.

  • During the competition, the website saw 10,975 visitors – an increase of +50% compared to the period prior to the competition.
  • We received a total of 1,802 entries (or email addresses) – all in our target demographic.
  • The competition generated over $56,500 worth of sales, which represents a 15.7% uplift in sales compared to the same period the year prior.
  • The competition generated a whopping 22x return on investment.

As you know by now, I’m a nerd for stats and a sucker for a good graph. To help put this competition’s results into perspective, I plotted site visits (in blue) against sales (in teal) and mapped those against when we posted on social media (in pink):

If you’re not a lover of numbers or bar charts, this might look more like a hot southern mess to you, so let me explain.

The pink arrows at the top of the chart show which dates we posted on social media. If you look carefully at the dates we posted, you can see a direct correlation between posting on social media and increased site visitors. This is not exactly wholly unexpected, but it’s a nice visual to show you the power of using social media to drive traffic to your competition.

What is particularly exciting is seeing that the spikes in website visitors, represented by the blue line, almost perfectly match up with spikes in sales too – showing that even though sales generation wasn’t the primary aim of the competition, simply sending our audience to the website to enter and optimising the thank you page with relevant products directly resulted in sales.

This competition not only resulted in a truck-load of traffic and a serious increase in sales, but it also gave me a strong urge to jack it all in and go live on a farm in country Victoria. Just kidding… sort of. Working with Hot Southern Miss was a lot a fun and no one can argue with the fantastic results they achieved.

Want me to help you with your own successful competition, just like Hot Southern Miss’? Check out the Competition Concierge package or get in touch to find how together, we can help drive traffic to your site, build your email list and generate sales!