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When the pandemic hit, Pedder Wilderness Lodge didn’t hesitate in planning their next marketing move.

With both international and interstate travel banned, this lodge located on the picturesque and tranquil Lake Pedder knew it needed to woo Tasmanians – not only by educating them on where they are and what they have to offer, but convincing them to come stay and see for themselves the beauty of Lake Pedder – so they approached OrigamiGlobe to help them plan the perfect competition.

Where is Lake Pedder?

Pedder Wilderness Lodge is located on the edge of Lake Pedder, in a stunning world heritage, national park in the south west of Tasmania. An hour and 45 minutes west of the capital of Hobart, Lake Pedder attracts fishing enthusiasts, nature lovers, bush walkers and adventure tourists alike.

A stunning view of Lake Pedder. Image credit: Pedder Wilderness Lodge.

Why did Pedder Wilderness Lodge want to run a competition?

With the pandemic in full swing, international travel cut off and interstate travel on hold, we knew we had to turn our attention to local Tasmanians, educating them on everything Lake Pedder has to offer.

Brand awareness was our primary goal. We wanted to reach as many people as possible with the message that Pedder Wilderness Lodge is open for business, newly renovated and ready to welcome local, Tasmanian guests.

Our secondary goal was to build an email database of warm, relevant and engaged Tasmanians who were likely to book a stay at the lodge.

How did we achieve this?

Pedder Wilderness Lodge had already engaged some local businesses to come on board for the competition and we put together a prize package that included:

Together, we strategised, designed, created, executed, monitored and optimised an incredibly successful competition that both created brand awareness and built a qualified database of relevant potential guests for the lodge.

To keep engagement during the competition and allow as many people as possible to experience the lodge, we also gave four runner-up prizes of two nights accommodation at Pedder Wilderness Lodge, which we gave away on a weekly basis.

As brand awareness and reaching as many Tasmanians as possible was our primary goal, we had a comprehensive promotion schedule that included regular social media posts, radio appearances, third party promotion and Facebook ads.

The competition results.

Here’s how we did:

  • Our competition ads alone reached over 71,000 people, which works out to almost 14% of the population of Tasmania.
  • 17,067 people visited our competition page, of which 11,981 entered – giving us a very healthy 70.1% conversion rate from visitor to entrant
  • The site experienced 590% increase in site traffic and double the usual amount of phone and email enquiries
  • Using a combination of both paid, owned and earned promotional methods, we paid just $0.47 cents an email address/per entry
  • As a result of our post-competition offer (excluding bookings made during the competition and food and beverage spend) the competition generated $72,210 worth of bookings, which works out to 870 room nights booked.

Best of all for us, was the engagement our audience showed. Though you may think sharing a competition you really want to win is counter intuitive – as the more people that enter, the lower your chances are of winning – our entrants, followers and partners didn’t see it that way, with people sharing our competition far and wide:


“Working with Suki and OrigamiGlobe on our competition was an absolute pleasure. The competition and its success was a huge part of our financial recovery after the impact of covid-19. From the initial call through the whole process I found Suki a wealth of information - a certifiable genius in all things competition related.

Our competition paid for itself 10 fold and I highly recommend Suki and OrigamiGlobe for anyone looking to maximise their competition and results.”

Simon KPedder Wilderness Lodge

Pedder Wilderness Lodge was a dream client to work with and we were so happy we were able to help them sell out their accommodation and build them a database full of locals eager to explore the beautiful area – the only downside was no interstate travel meant we couldn’t go and experience the lodge for ourselves!

Want us to help you with your own successful competition, just like this? Check out our Competition Concierge package or get in touch with our team to find how we can help build your audience, create brand awareness and generate sales!