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I met the Founder and Managing Director of Ramp Champ, Matt Scott, at the Digital Marketers Australia conference; where we discussed the potential of competitions to generate revenue and brand awareness for Australia’s largest ramp company (over a few cold beverages, of course).

Who and what is Ramp Champ?

Ramp Champ’s motto pretty much sums up what they do: Any Ramp. Anywhere in Australia. From ramps for construction and heavy machinery to ramps to help your beloved doggo join you for snuggles on the couch, Ramp Champ has the perfect ramp for the job.

What did we want our competition to achieve?

For our first competition together, we had two, simple goals:

  1. Ensure the competition runs at a positive ROI (i.e. make sure the competition makes Ramp Champ more money than they spent running it).
  2. Create brand awareness for Ramp Champ’s Heeve dog ramp ramp amongst new and existing audiences.

We decided to focus exclusively on Ramp Champ’s dog ramp range, to enable us to niche down on our targeting and marketing messages, as well as grow this sector of the business with warm, engaged and relevant marketing leads.

How did we do it?

We put together a bumper prize pack of not just one, but three dog ramps plus a host of pet accessories valued at over $1,000 AUD. The prizes were suitable for home and travel, to assist doggos with mobility and safety considerations.

The competition was a simple enter your email to win entry method, with a no-fluff competition entry landing page set up on the client’s website. We timed the competition to coincide with ‘Responsible Dog Ownership Month’ to help spread awareness of the importance of accessibility and minimising jumping for dogs with joint and spinal health concerns.

To promote the competition, we leveraged organic social media promotion, email marketing and targeted Facebook ads to reach the right people with our competition.

Image: A screenshot of Ramp Champ’s super effective competition entry page which resulted in 97.8% conversion from visitor to entrant.

Ramp Champ’s competition landing page converted at such a high rate for two main reasons.

Firstly, the page is simple, easy to navigate and enter as well as providing all of the information necessary for an entrant to feel confident handing over their contact details.

The second reason we had such a high conversion rate to entrant was due to the highly targeted traffic that we sent to the page from our promotional material, by being clear on who we wanted to attract and what we wanted to say, we ensured that only dog owners interested in dog ramps hit the competition landing page.

Once they were there, we made it a no-brainer decision to pop their name and email in and sit back and wait to be announced as the winner.

Competition ROI and results…

We set out to show Ramp Champ the awesome power of competitions and wanted to make sure their competition – and brand – reached as many people as possible and generated a healthy amount of sales.

Here’s what we achieved:

  • 3,286 entries from 3,358 competition page visits – that’s a whopping 97.8% conversion rate from competition visitor to competition entrant!
  • More than $12,200 worth of sales generated both during and after the competition
  • Ramp champ’s brand reached 63,000+ unique people with 203,000 impressions on our competition ads

We were really pleased with the results of the competition with over 63,000 dog owners now aware of Ramp Champs brand who perhaps had never heard of them before. It’s safe to say we proved that competitions are an effective promotional tool for Ramp Champ and we’re already planning the next one together.

Here’s what Ramp Champ had to say…

“I met Suki at a conference and over our conversation learned how beneficial a competition could be for our business. Once we were ready to run a comp Suki was the only person I considered qualified and experienced enough to bring us the results we desired. From the beginning, Suki kept us informed and made us feel that the entire process was in very good hands. She helped us to set our targets, implement the competition system and see it through until the end. The results blew us away and were far greater than anyone expected! I would not hesitate to recommend Suki and the OrigamiGlobe team to anyone considering running a competition.”

Matt ScottRamp Champ

Congratulations, Ramp Champ on a super successful competition – and thanks for the opportunity to work with so many cute doggo photos… We’re really looking forward to working together in the future to build on the foundations laid in this competition and achieve even better results next time. Keep an eye out for the next Ramp Champ case study!

If you’re on the fence about running a competition for your business and want to chat about the results we could achieve by working together, book in a free competition strategy session with us now!