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I should start with a disclaimer: it’s totally OK to not know what you’re doing* (*most of the time.)


When it comes to your core product or service offering, you probably know it inside out – and you should! But when it comes to the execution, promotion, marketing, advertising, networking, videos etc etc for that product, it really is totally OK not to know what you’re doing. We need to give ourselves a break and stop putting so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect (a lesson I need to learn myself).

When we start a business we’re not expected to become experts in all of the above overnight and to get it perfect first time, it’s a learning curve and it’s totally OK to

a) accept that it’s a learning curve

b) see a above and therefore dive right in

c) ask for help if we need it and

d) to learn as we go.

Accept it’s a learning curve

Translation: don’t be so hard on yourself when you stuff up. It will happen… Not might, will! You’re still a winner if you manage to take that stuff up and learn from it.

See above and drive right in.

I’m a perfectionist and I’ve been known to put things off, waiting for the right time, but I’m going to let you in on a little secret… there is no such thing as ‘the right time’. Dive in and start learning.

Ask for help.

Let’s clear something up right now – asking for help is not a sign of weakness at all, in fact it takes guts to put yourself out there, so if anything it’s a sign of strength. The 3 hours you spend trying to work out whether it’s OK to run a ‘like to win competition’ (what? of course my references are going to be competition based!) you could have just jumped in a Facebook group or sent an email.

Tip: the right business groups on Facebook can be a game changer.

Learn as you go.

The only way to get something done is to do it.

Wait… it looks pretty simple when you say it like that… but it’s true! I hesitated about launching my website over a year ago because I wanted it to be ‘perfect’, but after a few wines at a networking event the CEO of finder.com.au convinced me to hit launch (true story, but a story for another time) and since then it’s been through at least 50 iterations and along the way I’ve learnt enough to write a book about building websites… so learn as you go.

Stop being so hard on yourself, close enough is good enough, because when it comes to building your business, not knowing what you’re doing can help you grow an incredible amount as a person and a business owner.


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