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The excitement of your first ever competition has worn off, you have a ton of new subscribers and all of your new social media fans and followers adore you… what next? How do you make the most of the traction you’ve gained with your promotion and keep the engagement after your competition has closed? Here are 3 ideas to keep your competition momentum.



Keep in touch.

You’ve inevitably built up your email list or gained new fans/followers with your first competition. Now you want to keep them! Quality and consistency is key here – keep doing what they love, do more of what’s popular and tweak what isn’t so popular. Likes and engagement are a great indication of the content they love. Email them regularly when there’s something worth communicating – maybe you have a new product or service and you’re giving them priority access or perhaps you’re having a sale. Keep them engaged. Asking questions or seeking feedback keeps them involved and engaged with you and your brand.


Move them down the funnel.

Your ultimate goal is to convert these contacts, email addresses, competition entrants, fans and followers into paying customers, right? So you need a plan to move them from like to love to where do I pay? If you don’t have a plan to ‘funnel’ your fans down to paying customers, stop reading this and go write one now! The key is engagement, you’ve got their attention, we’ve just talked about how to keep it, now it’s up to you to convince them to buy what you’re offering.


Make them advocates.

You have their attention, you’ve turned them into paying customers, now get them to spread the word! Start with your winner, OK so we know they technically aren’t paying customers, but they’ve had a fantastic experience of your brand and are probably telling anyone who’ll listen how they won this fantastic prize your company gave away, encourage this as much as you can! Why not let them take over your Instagram feed for the week they’re on their luxury trip you gave away or promote their review of your latest product they won as part of your giveaway?


Before you go there’s a bonus tip: run another competition!

OK so we would say that, but seriously, look at how many followers and subscribers you gained, check how that’s converted into revenue. Surely there’s a few spare dollars in there to run another competition that’ll not only keep them engaged and move them down the funnel (especially if you require purchase to enter) but you’ll only be creating more happy and enthusiastic advocates!

Congratulations on your first competition, seriously. You put yourself out there and hopefully you’ve seen how powerful competitions can be as a marketing tactic. Now it’s up to you to make sure you keep those new contacts engaged and convert them into paying customers who love your brand. If that means running another competition and you want some pointers on where to improve or how to increase engagement this time around, give us a call, we’d love to help be part of your next kick arse competition!


We’d love to hear how your first competition went, what was your biggest success?

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