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Are you ready to get your competition planning


Kickstart your competition planning with this free download.

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With the Competition Kickstart Plan you will…

  • Get clear on why you want to run a competition…

… because focussing on what you hope to get out of running a competition not only gets you excited to run one, but makes you more likely to launch your competition too!

  • Create a ‘quick and dirty’ competition plan…

… that includes what prize to give away, who will enter your competition and where you’ll run your competition. If you map out the details, you’ll definitely want to launch.

  • Make sure your competition plans become reality…

… with three quick wins you can implement right now to kickstart your competition and help you ensure you launch it – and reap the rewards!

Hey, I'm Suki!

Competition nerd, obsessive planner and die-hard Killers fan.

I’ve helped hundreds of businesses plan, launch and run incredible competitions both here in Australia and worldwide… but for every competition that goes live, there are thousands that never quite make it past idea stage…

That’s why I created the Competition Kickstart Plan – to help you turn your ideas and dreams of running a successful competition into a real, actionable plan that inspires and excites you to create and launch your competition into the world.

If you’re ready to kickstart your competition, grab your free plan now!