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Ready to run competitions that smash your goals and grow your business?

Create, launch and close wildly successful competitions…

… that generate leads and sales.

It's not about likes and follows...

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

You’re ready to grow your business (and income) so you decide to run a competition to get you there… because who doesn’t love to win things?!

You turn to your business bestie (Google) who proves to be no help as you emerge hours later feeling totally overwhelmed and none the wiser. No matter, you’ve built a business from the ground up, you can handle a competition – after all, everyone and their dog seem to be running giveaways – surely it can’t be that hard?

So you put up a post on Instagram:

It’s giveaway time!
To win this awesome prize, all you have to do is like this post, make sure you’re following us and for extra entries, tag your friends in the comments!
Good luck!

You add some hashtags, hit post… aaaand crickets.

Why is no one entering?! Why hasn’t it gone viral yet?! Why is everyone following then unfollowing?!!

By the time it closes, you declare your competition dead in the water and curse your giveaway for wasting your time and money.

(Is this sounding familiar yet?)

The truth – that no amount of Googling will ever tell you – is that successful competitions aren’t about likes and follows… they’re about leads and sales.

Just ask the mountain bike accessory business that made over $70,000 with their competition, or the animal charity that gained 12,000 email addresses and phone numbers of potential supporters and donors…

Hi, I’m Suki van K!

Total nerd, self-development junkie, die-hard Killers fan and fellow business owner.

Over the past decade, I’ve helped hundreds of business owners to run thousands of hugely successful (not to mention very profitable) competitions and giveaways.

It might surprise you to hear this, but running a successful competition that generates tens of thousands of leads and sales isn’t *actually* all that hard…

In fact, it’s just three simple, repeatable and – dare I say it – fun steps away.

No, really. Once you wrap your head around the fact competitions can do more for your business than build your insta following, all you need is a plan, a prize, a little promotion and you’ve got yourself a revenue generation machine you can turn on and off as your business grows.

… and if you’re in control of your business growth (and income), it means you can jump off the feast-or-famine roller coaster and finally hire that extra staff member, outsource that task that makes you cry or (*gasp*) actually take a holiday. Imagine that?

Meet the Competition Mastercourse...

A fully guided, done with you, step-by-step journey that takes you from disappointing competition flops that cost you time and money; to creating, launching and closing a wildly successful (and totally repeatable) competition that generates leads and sales – in just 8 weeks.

It’s part mastermind, part course and 100% guaranteed* to smash your goals (*no, really).

Together we will plan, build, launch, promote and close a wildly successful competition that grows your business and smashes your goals – with none of the confusion, googling or second guessing in sight.

Remember those three simple, repeatable and fun steps I mentioned?

Step 1


Creating a profitable competition starts with the strategy. Together we will strategically plan and build your competition to attract the people who are most likely to purchase – for maximum return on your competition investment.

Step 2


Your competition can only be a success if it launches… so together, we’ll launch your competition into the world and then explore all the wonderful ways to promote your competition – for maximum entries.

Step 3


The fun starts once your competition closes… as together we close your competition, celebrate your wins, choose and strategically announce your winner – for maximum conversion to purchase!

The best part? By the end of the 8 weeks, you’ll have a custom framework that you can use to run profitable competitions over and over and over again.

Which puts you in control of your lead generation… and your revenue.

What makes the Competition Mastercourse different?

The Competition Mastercourse is the only course available that gives you ‘done with you’, live support, community and accountability for the full, step-by-step process of creating competitions that generate leads and sales to grow your business – from initial idea to closing and converting.

  • With the Mastercourse framework, every. single. element. of your competition is designed to create leads and sales, not just likes and follows.
  • The competition process you create is unique and tailored to you and your business – and yours to keep (and repeat) forever and ever and ever…
  • Create competitions that don’t require a huge budget, a huge audience or expensive software. Just you, your business and your dream clients.
  • Benefit from a decade’s worth of competition expertise and experience – without the mistakes and missteps or putting in the hard yards.
  • You’re not alone! Lean on a community of like-minded and like-hearted business owners to inspire, encourage and keep you accountable.
  • It’s the only ‘done with you’ course that supports you *live* through every step of running a successful competition – from idea to close.

She helped us to set our targets, implement the competition system and see it through until the end. The results blew us away and were far greater than anyone expected!


Join the Mastercourse waitlist.

Doors are closed until 2023.

Join the waitlist for early access and exclusive bonuses! 

... extremely helpful in helping to plan our brand's competitions for this upcoming season. I had little experience in the area and Suki provided both strategic and actionable advice. I'd highly recommend working with Suki!

Ashley P

Any questions?

What if I've run a competition before and it didn't work?

Perfect, then you are in *exactly* the right place.

The Competition Mastercourse gives you a step-by-step process for creating, launching and closing competitions that’s unlike anything else out there. This isn’t another ‘Competition 101’ course, this is full support from a competition expert with a decade of experience running competitions that convert entrants into purchasers; a mastermind of like-minded and like-hearted business owners to keep you inspired and accountable and a step-by-step, tailored, repeatable framework for running competitions that generate leads and sales.

I hand on heart promise this is different from any competition you’ve run before.

OK, so what if I've *never* run a competition before?

Don’t worry, you’re still welcome to come sit with us!

If you’ve never attempted a competition before (perhaps because it has been too overwhelming, you fell down the Google rabbit hole or you just didn’t fancy giving away your product or service in exchange for likes) then as long as you’re looking to grow your business and smash some marketing goals, your past competition experience is irrelevant – so come join us!

How do I know competitions will work for *me*?

I have been helping businesses run incredibly successful competitions for a decade… and I have never encountered a single business or industry competitions don’t work for.

Why? Because it’s not about the industry or business, or even your product or service… it’s about your goal. If you have a goal you want to achieve with your business – be it launching a new product line, building your email database or generating enquiries for your services – you can create a competition that will help you achieve it. If you have a goal, you have a competition.

And if you join the Competition Mastercourse and don’t achieve your goal, you can come back and join us for another round absolutely free, thanks to the Real Results Guarantee.

How does the Real Results Guarantee work?

Here’s the skinny:

  1. You join the Competition Mastercourse.
  2. In Module 1, Lesson 1 you’ll set a goal for your competition. Together we will review your goal to make sure it’s specific, realistic and relevant for your business. That means big enough to move the needle in your business, but realistic enough that it’s actually possible to achieve.
  3. You complete all the modules, lessons and homework to create, launch and close your competition. If you haven’t put the work in, then you won’t see any results, so you need to show me that you’ve completed the lessons and homework and given the competition your best shot.
  4. In the final week, if after competition close, your results haven’t met your goal, I will enroll you in the next round of the Competition Mastercourse with no cost to you.

I don't have a big audience... what if no one enters?

In 10 years of running competitions I have never – ever – been involved in a competition that hasn’t received a single entry.

And what’s a great way to grow your audience? Through competitions and giveaways! In fact, Module 5 is entirely dedicated to getting your competition in front if your ideal audience, getting entries and growing your audience.

If you wait until you feel your audience is ‘big enough’ you’ll be waiting forever because the truth is, you’ll never feel like it’s big enough. Remember when you launched your business? Did you feel ready? Probably not… we never feel ready, or like we have enough [insert literally anything here].

Obviously, you can only grow if you get your competition in front of new people, so the more ways you promote your competition, the bigger your audience will be… and the more entries you’ll get!

How does the Competition Mastercourse work?

The Competition Mastercourse includes 8 modules spread out over 8 weeks. Each week a new module will become available in the Mastercourse portal and will comprise of between 3 and 8 pre-recorded video lessons of around 3 minutes each.

Each week we’ll meet for an online group session via Zoom so you can ask questions, get support and receive live feedback on your competition to help you get the best results possible.

When does the Mastercourse start and finish?

Details for the 2023 intake of the Competition Mastercourse will be released soon…

What time are the live Zoom sessions?

The live Zoom sessions will take place each Thursday afternoon at 4pm AEST (Brisbane time).

Depending on the preferences of the businesses that join the Mastercourse, we may change the times of the calls to work around you. However, if you can’t attend a live call, you can submit your questions in advance and they will be answered on the live call, for you to watch on the recorded replay in the Mastercourse online portal.

You will also have the private competition community Facebook group available any time to post comments, questions, concerns and celebrations!

I'm not very techy, can I still run a competition?

Perfect, you don’t need to be!

Running a competition can be as simple as posting on social media (which I’m sure you know how to do) and for everything else you have video walkthroughs and a competition nerd with a decade of techy experience (that’s me) to help you get it done.

If at any point you do get stuck with any aspect of your competition, just jump in the Facebook group and you’ll have my expertise plus a whole bunch of other brilliant business owners to help you out.

What if I don't have a prize to give away?

If you have a business, you have a prize.

As I’m sure you know by now, the best prize is always your own product or service – because everyone who enters your competition to win your product or service is then a potential customer who wants what you offer.

If you still don’t believe your product or service is ‘worth it’ or ‘valuable’ enough to be a prize, let me remind you that people pay for what you do, so if they pay for it, you can bet your bottom dollar they would want to win it!

If you still don’t think your own product or service is sexy enough to be a prize, then package it up with some other products or services to make a prize package – psychologically, people perceive packages to be more valuable than the actual dollar value sum of their parts!

OK, I'm ready to join, what happens next?

Hooray! I can’t wait to meet you!

  1. Select the payment plan that works best for you (or contact me for alternative payment options).
  2. As soon as your payment is processed, you will be given access to the Competition Mastercourse portal where you can dive straight into the lessons and see and download your juicy bonuses.
  3. I will also add you to the Competition Mastercourse Facebook group where you can introduce yourself and your business!

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. There is a 14 day money back guarantee, so if you join the Competition Mastercourse and don’t feel as if it’s the right fit for you or you don’t find the content valuable, email me at to discuss a refund.

Please note that refunds are not offered for change of mind. In order to process your refund, I will need to see that you have at least watched the content and completed the homework activities… otherwise how will you know that the content isn’t a good fit or valuable for you?!

Do you offer payment plans?

If the two payment plans offered don’t suit your cashflow, please get in touch with me at to arrange a payment plan that is manageable for you.

I don’t want you to miss out on all the fun and profit of competitions because the payment plans on offer don’t work for you!

What if I have another question?

I’m happy to help – get in touch via my contact page or send an email to!