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Create wildly successful competitions that grow your business.

*Everything* you need to create, launch and close DIY competitions that get results (guaranteed).

The Competition Mastercourse TLDR.

I hate sales pages, don’t you?

You know the ones where you have to scroll past 20,000 words saying the same thing in different ways just to find out if it’s in your budget or it’ll even solve the problem you have…

So let’s do this differently.

Here’s the long and the short of the Competition Mastercourse:

The Competition Mastercourse is a 6 module course delivered over 8 weeks via self-paced online video lessons and weekly live group Zoom sessions plus a Facebook group for support in-between.

Think of it like a cross between a course and a mastermind (hence it’s a Mastercourse).

The Mastercourse is designed for business owners who want to DIY their own successful competitions to grow their business but don’t know where to start or how to get the results they want.

It’s perfect for you if you want full support and expert guidance but also total freedom and control to do things your way. It is *not* for you if you want a get rich quick raffle scheme (*shudder*).

You get immediate access to the first two modules, plus the members-only Facebook group. Modules are then released weekly to prevent overwhelm or skipping ahead before you’re ready (I see you…)

The total cost is $2,200 AUD and you can pay in full, monthly or weekly – with no additional fees or penalties for paying the way that best suits you and your budget.

If you’re still reading, you either know the Mastercourse is for you (so feel free to skip ahead and join) or you just want to know it’s 100% the perfect fit before you commit, in which case these handy links will take you straight to what you most need to know.

Oh, hey there, I’m Suki van K!

I should probably introduce myself before we go any further…

For those of you that don’t yet know me, I’m a total nerd, self-development junkie, die-hard Killers fan and the world’s first and only dedicated Competition Expert and Strategist.

Over the past decade, I’ve helped big brands, marketing agencies and small businesses just like yours all around the world to launch over 500 wildly successful (and extremely profitable) competitions, managing over $3 million in competition prizes – and counting!

So it’s safe to say I’m the *perfect* person to guide you through creating, launching and closing your very own super successful competitions that grow your income (not just your insta following).

When I’m not nerding out over competitions, you’ll find me at the beach with my rescue dog Stella, on the yoga mat in downward dog, singing along (badly) to my own private Killers karaoke or geeking out on retro Nintendo games like Mario and Zelda.

Suki has been an absolute fountain of wisdom and really knows her 💩 in all areas (full strategy, T&Cs, permits, promo schedule, landing pages, and prizes)…


What does the Mastercourse include?

The Competition Mastercourse is a signature framework for creating, launching and closing wildly successful competitions that get real, reliable, repeatable results guaranteed to grow your business (not just your followers).

Over the course of 8 weeks, together we will plan, build, launch, promote and close your competition. I will be there every step of the way to answer your questions, give you feedback, provide support and accountability and of course – celebrate your wins!

Here’s what that looks like…

27 self-paced online video lessons.

To walk you through each step of running a successful competition, so you know *exactly* what you need to do, why you’re doing it and when and how you need to get it done.

8 weekly live group Zoom sessions.

To give you time and space to ask questions and get answers face-to-face, receive live coaching, share your progress and keep you (and your competition) on track for success.

Course members-only Facebook group.

To get answers and feedback in real time from experts and peers between the live sessions, so you feel fully supported, completely accountable and totally confident in your competition.

To ensure you get the *best* results with the *least* amount of overwhelm, you’ll also get these bonus resources…

The Competition Master Roadmap.

Your at-a-glance roadmap of the entire competition process – so you know exactly what we’ll be doing each and every step of the way.

Competition Landing Page Templates.

Swipe design and copy inspo straight from the most successful competitions I’ve ever created, to build your own entry and thank you webpages.

Social Media Post

Ready-to-go templates to help you promote your competition on social media – simply insert your competition images and details and hit post!

Competition Email

Keep your entrants engaged and your open and click through rates high with tried and tested, customisable email templates.

Terms and Conditions

Keep your competition above board and your entrants happy with this lawyer-written competition T&Cs template – simply fill in the blanks.

On-demand coaching and training.

As the course evolves, more resources, training videos and guest expert sessions are being added as you demand them.

Is the Competition Mastercourse right for you?

You’ve made it this far and you like what you see, but you just wanna make 100% sure the Competition Mastercourse *is* indeed for you – I get that. So let me level with you, if you tick at least one in the ‘perfect for’ column and none in the ‘not for’ column, the Mastercourse is for you.

The Competition Mastercourse is PERFECT for you if:


  • You want leads and sales (not just likes and follows).
    Likes and follows don’t pay the bills. We’ll be creating competitions that attract ideal clients and make sales, not make you insta-famous (#sorrynotsorry).
  • You have an existing product or service to sell.

    If we’re running competitions to grow your business, you’re kinda gonna need, well, an existing business! Hey, I don’t make the rules, I just follow them.
  • You have an existing audience *or* an ad budget.

    To get entries, we need eyeballs – so you’re going to need access to existing audiences (however small) or money to reach new people (again, however small).
  • You’ve run competitions before (successful or not).
    The Mastercourse is packed with tactics and tools *guaranteed* to get real results – whether it’s your first or one-hundred-and-first competition.
  • You’re keen to learn and DIY your own competitions.

    This is not a done-for-you service, it’s a practical, hands-on course combined with expert support, guidance and accountability to do-it-yourself.
  • You have little – or lots – of marketing experience.

    *All* levels are catered for – whether you can’t tell your open rate from your elbow or you know your marketing metrics like the back of your hand.

The Competition Mastercourse is NOT for you if:


  • You want a ‘get rich quick’ raffle competition.
    Don’t waste your time or money, the Competition Mastercourse does not cover these types of competitions. Full stop.
  • You want to give away an iPad or other iProduct.
    They’re a waste of everybody’s time and will not help your business grow… Unless you’re Apple of course, in which case, fill your boots.
  • Your aim is to go viral or become insta-famous.
    Going viral is for the ego, not the bank balance. Neither of these things will help you grow your business in a sustainable or cost effective way.
  • You *just* want likes and/or followers on social.
    The Competition Mastercourse *could* help you do that, but it would be a massive waste of your time and money. Go for sales instead. Trust me.

... an amazing resource and I'm so glad I found it! It clearly outlines everything you need to know to run a competition...


How does the Mastercourse work?

A successful competition involves more than just chucking a post up on social media and crossing your fingers – in fact, it involves three distinct phases – planning and building, launching and promoting and closing and converting.

The six steps (or modules) of the Competition Mastercourse are structured around these phases, with each module containing between three and six video lessons which break down the process into easy-to-tackle bite-size chunks.

You’ll have plenty of support and accountability along the way via the course members-only Facebook group and our weekly Zoom Q&A sessions and there’s even breathing room built in where you’ll have time to catch up or dive deeper.

Here’s how the Competition Mastercourse is structured…



Plan your competition.


Let’s jump straight in to the good stuff – what’s in it for you, who’s going to enter and what we’ll say to convince them to enter.

By the end of Module 1…

  • You’ll be crystal clear on what results to expect
  • You’ll know *exactly* who you want to enter
  • You’ll have started drafting competition content



Plan your competition.


Time to finalise the nitty gritty details, like when you’ll launch, how long for, what you’ll give away and how people will enter.

By the end of Module 2…

  • You’ll have decided your open and close dates 
  • You’ll know exactly what prize you’ll be giving away
  • You’ll have chosen how and where people will enter



Build your competition.


Now it gets real – building out your entry page, post or app, creating your marketing collateral and getting your competition legals in check.

By the end of Module 3…

  • You’ll have built a ready-to-launch competition
  • You’ll have created your competition T&Cs
  • You’ll have applied for any licences and permits



Launch your competition.


The most exciting module of all! Launch your competition with *complete* confidence knowing every i is dotted and t is crossed.

By the end of Module 4…

  • You will go live with your competition!
  • You’ll know what to keep an eye on whilst live
  • You’ll be prepared with solutions for *any* hiccups



Promote your competition.


Get your competition in front of the right people in the right places – with a tailored promotion plan to suit *all* budgets.

By the end of Module 5…

  • You’ll have a fully customised promotion plan in place
  • You’ll understand where and how to get maximum entries
  • You’ll know how to use owned, earned and paid promotion



Close your competition.


The exciting part – not just choosing, notifying and announcing your lucky winner – but turning entrants into paying customers too!

By the end of Module 6…

  • You will have closed your competition, chosen and notified your winner
  • You will understand how to maximise conversion from entrant to customer
  • You will know *exactly* how to use your results for future marketing

Why join the Competition Mastercourse?

If you’re not sold on the Competition Mastercourse by now, I’m not sure there’s much more *I* can say, so how about I let my clients and competitions do the talking for a sec?

Hot Southern Miss







... you really have thought of everything 🙂


I never knew there was so much involved in running a successful contest... it can feel overwhelming to get started but Suki's support along the journey is simply priceless.


Ramp Champ







The results blew us away... far greater than anyone expected!


Quite simply, we’d not have done this without her... and then we’d never have known how much awesome potential there is in competitions for our business!!


Pedder Wilderness Lodge







Our competition paid for itself 10 fold...


Join the Competition Mastercourse.

The Mastercourse will reopen in 2024.

Real results guaranteed.

I believe so whole-heartedly in the Competition Mastercourse and the power that competitions and giveaways have to grow your business, that I’m willing to *literally* guarantee your success.

If after our 8 weeks together, you close your competition and haven’t achieved your goal, you can rejoin the Competition Mastercourse again for free. Pinky promise.

Suki's strategic mindset and recommendations were key to Luxe.It.Fwd achieving such great results... there is no way we could have achieved anywhere near those same results if we had run the competition on our own.


Any questions?

What if I've run a competition before and it didn't work?

In the infamous words of Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Wyclef Jean: it doesn’t matter.

In fact, it could technically put you one step ahead of your coursemates, because you already know what *doesn’t* work when it comes to running competitions for your business. So if your last competition was a flop and you’re here to learn how to run competitions that actually work, you’re in the exactly the right place and this course is literally guaranteed to help you get better results.

OK, so what if I've *never* run a competition before?

Then you’re going to feel right at home here.

The Competition Mastercourse takes you through the *entire* process of running a successful competition – from planning the who, what, when, where, why and how of your giveaway to drawing, notifying and announcing your winner and *everything* in between.

I know how overwhelming competitions can seem, which is why I’m going to be by your side every step of the way to ensure you run a kick arse competition that gets real results for your business.

How do I know competitions will work for *me*?

Honestly? You kind of *don’t* know for sure until you try it.

Sounds kind risky doesn’t it? Taking a punt on a purple-haired stranger and her rock-steady faith in a marketing method that (let’s be honest) you always thought was kind of gimmicky…

Luckily for you, I’ve got enough faith in competitions – and the Mastercourse – for the both of us, but I’m also willing to *guarantee* you’ll get results. If you join the Mastercourse and don’t achieve your goal, you can come back and join us for another round absolutely free, thanks to the Real Results Guarantee.

How does the Real Results Guarantee work?

Here’s the skinny:

    1. You join the Competition Mastercourse.
    2. In Module 1, Lesson 1 you’ll set a goal for your competition. Together we will review your goal to make sure it’s specific, realistic and relevant for your business. That means big enough to move the needle in your business, but realistic enough that it’s actually possible to achieve.
    3. You complete all the modules, lessons and homework to create, launch and close your competition. If you haven’t put the work in, then you won’t see any results, so you need to show me that you’ve completed the lessons and homework and given the competition your best shot.
    4. In the final week, if after competition close, your results haven’t met your goal, I will enroll you in the next round of the Competition Mastercourse with no cost to you. You *literally* have nothing to lose.

I don't have a big audience... what if no one enters?

In 10 years of running competitions I have never – *ever* – been involved in a competition that hasn’t received a single entry.

There’s even an entire module dedicated to getting your competition in front if your ideal customers, getting entries and growing your audience. The more ways you promote your competition, the more entries you’ll get and the bigger your audience will be by the end of your giveaway.

The truth is, if you wait until you feel your audience is ‘big enough’ you’ll be waiting forever… because you’ll *never* feel like it’s big enough. As business owners, we never feel like we have enough [insert literally anything here]. So take it from me, if you have an existing audience of any size, have access to someone else’s audience or have a budget (however small) for ads, you will be fine.

You will get entries, I promise.

What time are the live Zoom sessions?

The live Zoom sessions will take place each Thursday afternoon at 3pm AEST (Brisbane, Australia time).

Depending on the preferences of the businesses that join the Mastercourse, we may change the times of the calls to work around the group. However, if you can’t attend a live call, you can submit your questions in advance and they will be answered on the live call. Every call will be recorded and uploaded into the Competition Mastercourse portal for you to watch at a time that works for you.

You will also have the private competition community Facebook group available any time to post comments, questions, concerns and celebrations!

I'm not very techy, can I still run a competition?


Running a competition can be as simple as posting on social media (which I’m *sure* you know how to do) and for everything else, you have video walkthrough tutorials and a competition nerd with a decade of techy experience (that’s me) to help you get it done.

If at any point you do get stuck with any aspect of your competition, just jump in the Facebook group and you’ll have my expertise plus a whole bunch of other brilliant business owners to help you out.

What if I don't have a prize to give away?

If you have a business, you have a prize.

As I’m sure you know by now, the best prize is always your own product or service – because everyone who enters your competition to win your product or service is then a potential customer who could *buy* your product or service.

If you don’t believe your product or service is ‘worth it’ or ‘valuable’ enough to be a prize, let me remind you that people pay for what you do… and if they pay for it, you can bet your bottom dollar they would want to win it! We cover prizes in depth in Module 2 of the Mastercourse, so don’t fret, I promise you *do* have a prize to give away.

OK, I'm ready to join, what happens next?

Hooray! I can’t wait to meet you!

    1. Select the payment plan that works best for you (or contact me for alternative payment options).
    2. As soon as your payment is processed, you will be given access to the Competition Mastercourse portal where you can dive straight into the lessons and see and download your juicy bonuses.
    3. I will also add you to the Competition Mastercourse Facebook group where you can introduce yourself and your business!

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. There is a 14 day money back guarantee, so if you join the Competition Mastercourse and don’t feel as if it’s the right fit for you or you don’t find the content valuable, email me at to discuss a refund.

Please note that refunds are not offered for change of mind. In order to process your refund, I will need to see that you have at least watched the content and completed the homework activities… otherwise how will you know that the content *isn’t* a good fit or valuable for you?!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes indeedy.

You can pay weekly (8 payments of $275 AUD), monthly (2 payments of $1,100 AUD) or in full ($2,200 AUD). I won’t penalise you or make you pay more because a payment plan works better for you. You’ll pay the same total as everybody else. Fair’s fair.

That said, if the three payment plans on offer don’t work for you, I don’t want you to miss out on all the fun and profitability of competitions, so if you want to create your own unique payment plan, get in touch. As long as you’re paid in full *before* the end of the course, we can make it work to suit your cashflow and budget.

What if I have another question?

I’m happy to help – get in touch via my contact page or send an email to!