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When it comes to running your competition, you need to ‘own’ your social media channels to make the most of your competition in terms of both engagement and entries. When we say ‘owning’ we mean both in the proprietary ownership of your channels, but also in the kick-arse way that you show them who’s boss! So take a peek at our top tips for how to ‘own’ your social media channels…


Have you grabbed your username even if you’re not ready to use the channel just yet?

One of the first things we did when we started out, was to reserve our company name on each of the major social networks, even if we didn’t plan to use them or post content straight away. Our go to networks were Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. Over time, Facebook and Pinterest have proved to be the most popular channels amongst our audience so we’re quieter on the other networks.

When running competitions, you’ll want to maximise any and all of your channels and if you occupy a niche, you’ll want to check out whether there are less well-known networks and channels you could join – there’s a pretty extensive list on Wikipedia of social networks, speciality networks and foreign networks which is great if you’re looking to promote your company and competition overseas.


Make sure you actually have access and know the login details.

Once you’ve grabbed your username on social networking sites, you need to make sure you actually know the login details and have access! So if you’ve asked a third party to set up or manage your social networks for you, you must make sure they share the login and password details with you. Sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many overlook this. Similarly, when you’re running a competition, make sure you have access to any third party apps you’re using to run the competition, or at least have access to a copy of all that juicy data collected!


Work it!

We know you’ve probably got a million and one things on your to do list, but make sure you add ‘engage with entrants’ to it. It’s so important to make time to promote your competition to your audience and respond to reactions and comments on your competitions. If they’ve taken time to comment, take the time to acknowledge it. This is important to create a relationship with your entrants, not just a transaction – I’m offering a competition – you’re entering.

Make sure you repost reminders for your competition, or highlight your favourite responses so far. A great tip for engagement is to ask questions rather than simply make statements; ‘which one would you pick if you win?’ will get more engagement than ‘if we won, we’d pick the red one.’

Pin your competition information to the top of your Facebook company page timeline, promote your posts across your platforms and if you have the budget, you might want to consider spending some on boosting/sponsoring updates. Don’t forget your website – make sure you have a banner ad on your website or a dedicated landing page where you can promote your competition, gather entries and answer peoples’ questions.


Most of all, enjoy it.

You’ll get a great reaction from people when you’re offering them something they would love to have, for free. Take the time to create meaningful customer relationship with them that will last long after the competition is over. Get out there and own your competition channels!


Owning your competition channels is easy – actually own your company username, make sure you have full access to them and work them! Now you know how you can own your channels for maximum engagement, it’s time to launch a competition! Grab your free copy of The last guide to competitions you’ll ever need to read packed with everything you need to know about running a competition. Of course we’re always here to help if you need a little extra assistance.

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