Competition Terms and Conditions template.


Terms and conditions (or T&Cs) are a crucial part of any competition, protecting you and your business from difficult winners.

We know you may not have the budget to engage a law firm to create a custom set of competition terms and conditions for your contest, but we want to make sure you’re still covered…

So we’ve paid the lawyers, drafted and redrafted until we’re happy our 3 page set of competition or giveaway terms and conditions meets our (extremely strict) high standards and include all the necessary clauses to help you run a smooth, trouble free and legal competition.


Competition terms and conditions template.

A lawyer-written and lawyer-approved competition terms and conditions template to protect your competition and your business.

This template is designed to be just that – a template you can use and reuse for infinite competitions, simply follow the instructions to change the information to customise it for each and every competition you run.

Your comprehensive competition terms and conditions template includes clauses to cover:

  • Who is and isn’t permitted to enter
  • Key competition dates and times
  • Entry criteria and conditions
  • What the prize does and doesn’t include
  • How, when and where the winner will be drawn
  • How and when the winner will be notified
  • Relevant liability releases
  • Privacy statement
  • Details of the company running the competition
  • Licence/permit numbers

Your competition T&Cs template features:

Clear instructions and guidance on how to fill in each section of the template. These are made as comments, so they won’t show up on your final document or PDF export… no one will see them but you!

Each competition is different, for example sometimes you may run a game of chance, sometimes it may be a game of skill, so we’ve included ‘delete-as-appropriate’ clauses to customise your template to your competition.

Includes full release and liability release for Facebook and Instagram as required by Facebook’s page policy guidelines, so you don’t end up in ‘Facebook jail’.

Ready to run a legal competition? Grab your competition terms and conditions now.