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It’s time to say no to freebies.

Are you overwhelmed?!

Sometimes, as a business owner, I feel totally and utterly overwhelmed and it’s completely my own fault. I say ‘yes’ to every free ebook, special report, email course, free webinar and ‘one day, live training event’ going and it’s not because I’m greedy (though when it comes to cake I am, but that’s a different story), it’s because my passion for my business is so intense and my will to see it succeed means I want to do everything in my power to make it succeed. I’m sure you feel the same way about your business.


If you’re reading this nodding your head or saying ‘yes’ out loud, it’s time to take a stand and start shaking your head and saying ‘no’. Go on, say it out loud, it’s actually quite liberating. If you’re not completely overwhelmed then I take my hat off to you – oh wise one – and beg you to share your secrets with us in the comments below.


The business-changing magic of saying no.

It’s ridiculously liberating to say no, feel the fomo (that’s fear of missing out) and say no anyway. The fear is artificial, deliberately, consciously and cleverly designed to get you to feel like you can’t live another second without that course or download in your life.

Here’s the truth: this month I’ve said ‘no’ to things that aren’t relevant to the stage my business is at and guess what? My business didn’t fail, the world didn’t implode and I’m loving my freebie-free life right now – because I actually now have time to implement some of that amazing information I’ve collected and signed up for over the past year. Bonus!


Don’t worry, they’ll still be there when you’re ready.

I say when you’re ready, because that’s how it should be. You shouldn’t have to stretch yourself thin trying to master six different social media accounts because that’s what the sponsored posts you see on Facebook are telling you to do, before you’ve even decided what your business is. Yes, I speak from experience.

When you’re at the point you want to launch your own ecourse or book, then go looking for the information.

If you can’t find that specific article that explained how to calculate the exact time, day, month of the year and moon phase in which you should launch your book that was all over your Facebook feed 6 months ago; then don’t panic – I guarantee you that several more identical articles would have popped up to replace it. Of course, if the article contains the magic formula you’ve been looking for all your life then by all means bookmark that sucker, but come back to it when the time is right for you.


But what if I really really want this freebie?!

Don’t get me wrong, of course you’re going to need a freebie or two if you want your business to keep moving on and improving, I just want to share my experience with you in the hope that it might help you deal with your overwhelm. Since I’m already oversharing, I may as well go the whole hog and tell you what I do as a compromise.


Save it for later.

I have a handy spreadsheet where I keep all of my plans to take over the world (or at least become known as the competition expert). If I see a sponsored post on Instagram that tells me how I can launch my ecourse in 5 days and I haven’t already made a note to create an ecourse or check out their guide, I open up my spreadsheet and add a note to check out their guide to creating an ecourse. This way, I don’t fall down the rabbit hole of watching 20 testimonials about how amazing their guide is and emerge 20 minutes later convinced I need to start creating my course right. now.

Instead, when I’m at the point of my business when I’m ready to create an ecourse, I open up my handy spreadsheet and I’ve got a starting point for my research into making a kick arse ecourse. It might not work for everyone and you might prefer a notebook or vision board, but I guess my main takeaway is to save the information for later, for when you’re ready to come back to it.


So the next time you see an irresistible freebie on your Facebook feed or a sponsored post for something you just have to have on Instagram, take a second to think whether you’re ready for it, but more importantly, whether you have the time to implement it right now, given the never-ending to do list you’re already fighting with each day.


You may have noticed I usually include a free download on each of my blog posts and I have an epic free ebook on my website (what a hypocrite!) but you’ll also notice there’s no such download or even hint at a download on this post. This is because if the title attracted you and you stopped to read this article, the worst thing I could do to you is feed your freebie-loving monster.


I do, however, hope you’ll start a ‘save it for later’ spreadsheet and add ‘run a kick arse competition using OrigamiGlobe’s epic guide’ to your spreadsheet or notebook and come back again when the time is right for you and your business. I’m looking forward to it!


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