Competitions are what we do best.

They’re what keep us up late at night and get us out of bed early in the morning – and we want to show the world their awesome marketing potential. Here you will find absolutely everything you need to create kick-arse competitions, whether you’re an avid DIYer looking for a hand with your terms and conditions or a busy business owner who just wants it done for you, we’ve got a package to suit.

Start planning your competition.

Ready to run a competition but have no idea where to start? We made this package for you! Everything you need to get your competition off the ground including a solid strategy, T&Cs, licence advice and more…

Social media and promotion.

If you don’t shout about your competition from the social media rooftops then no one will know how and where to enter. Let’s get that fixed with a custom promotion schedule including post copy and branded images.

T&Cs, rules and licences.

Keeping a competition legal can be a bit of a minefield; obeying social media platform rules, creating competition terms and conditions and working out whether you need a licence. Don’t worry, we’ve done this before.

Competition entry pages.

Sometimes a like isn’t enough – you need a slightly more sophisticated entry page. Whether it’s a website landing page or a competition app that fits seamlessly into your social media; whatever you need, just ask.

Travel prizes and management.

One of the most valuable prizes you can offer is a travel experience. Completely tailored to your brand, you’ll wish you were eligible to win these amazing trips! Before you ask, sadly you can’t win your own competition…

Get it all done for you. Really.

We know your perfect day would involve an extra 5 hours and a coffee IV. Ours too. You’re short on time so we’ll cut to the chase – yes, we can manage absolutely every aspect of your competition for you and we’d love it.