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Engaging. Entertaining. Quirky.

Total nerd for competitions.

Looking for a speaker for your next marketing or ecommerce event?

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Hi! I’m Suki van K.

I am the world’s first and only dedicated competition expert and full-time competition nerd.

Apparently born without the fear-of-public-speaking gene, at the age of 9 I stepped up on stage to deliver my ‘Youth Speaks’ talk about saving the environment in the regional finals – and I was hooked. I even performed a totally 90s rap that I borrowed from my sister… but don’t worry I won’t rap at your event.

I love nothing more than to share my decade’s worth of passion and knowledge about the awesome potential of competitions and giveaways to help your audience smash their marketing and sales goals and grow their businesses.

I’ve spoken at a number of major marketing conferences, local meetups, groups and panels across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and appeared on a number of marketing and small business podcasts. I am also available to speak at retreats, in-house training events and intimate or smaller group settings both here in Australia and overseas.

As seen in...

See me in action at #DMA2020.

In one of my favourite events to date, in 2020 I was invited to Melbourne to speak on stage with the likes of Naomi Simpson (of Red Balloon and Shark Tank fame) and Kate Toon (of CopyCon fame).

Speaker reel coming soon!

Topics I could speak about for days...

These are just a taste of the topics I love to speak about when it comes to competitions. If you would like me to create a custom competition presentation or focus on a specific giveaway goal for your event, please get in touch!

How to run compelling competitions that get 11x ROI and thousands of leads for less than $1 each.

In this presentation I share the exact process I use to run compelling competitions that get high return on investment and low cost per lead acquisition and share case studies of real results.

Your audience will walk away with:

  • A tried and tested system to apply in their own business or agency
  • Specific tools and templates to maximise their competition results
  • Tangible strategies to reduce cost per acquisition of warm leads

It’s not about likes and follows - how to create competitions for leads and sales.

In this presentation I bust the common myth that competitions are just about vanity metrics such as likes, follows, tags and shares and instead share exactly how to create a competition that generates leads and sales.

Your audience will walk away with:

  • An understanding of why likes and follows are a waste of money
  • Five actionable steps to create competitions for leads and sales
  • Real examples of competitions that made $70,000+ in revenue

Boost your competition conversion with these tried and tested tools and tactics.

In this presentation I distill a decade’s worth of competition and giveaway experience into tools and tactics your audience can use to boost their competition conversion from visitors to entrants and entrants to paying customers.

Your audience will walk away with:

  • An understanding of why likes and follows are a waste of money
  • Five actionable steps to create competitions for leads and sales
  • Real examples of competitions that made $70,000+ in revenue

5 reasons to invite me to speak at your next event….

1. I’m the same as you…

I’m a business owner and marketer just like you and just like your audience, so I truly do get the highs and lows of business life. This means I can connect with your audience in a genuine, authentic and real way and speak to their situation, challenges and goals.


2. … but I’m a little bit different.

Different by name, different by nature. In case you hadn’t guessed from the tutu and band tee, I’m not your average speaker, I’m a little quirky. I bring my whole, true, authentic self to every event I attend. I aim not just to ignite and inspire but to entertain and engage too.


3. I go all in.

I’m not just going to parachute in, talk about competitions and eject straight outta there. If we partner for an event, I’ll promote your business and event before, during and after to help you reach new, relevant and warm business owners and marketers.


4. My content is made for sharing.

As a fellow business owner I get that you want people to talk about and share your event, so I create presentations and keynotes that encourage discussion, questions and sharing. After all, if you don’t share it on social, were you even there?


5. I share the good, the bad and the ugly.

I’m not into just sharing the good stuff and ignoring the bad stuff. Competitions don’t always work as planned, but if they fall a little flat it’s the perfect opportunity to learn. I love to share my success as well as my mistakes to turn them into learning for your audience.

Connect with me.

Need more info or want to partner with me for your next event, invite me to speak at your retreat or fancy a chat on your podcast? I’d absolutely love to hear from you.

Please pop your details below and I’ll get back to you personally within 2 business days.