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A self confessed ‘fan girl’ of OrigamiGlobe (stop it, we’re blushing), Stephanie Trinder is also a huge fan of using competitions as part of a holistic approach to digital marketing. When the pandemic hit and her hospitality clients disappeared, an epic pivot was in order – and The Digital Apprenticeship was born to help tradies get digital.

As the wife of a tradie myself (who very reluctantly let me build him a website), I was super excited to hear Stephanie’s story…

First up, who are you and what do you do?

Stephanie Trinder, The Digital Apprenticeship.

I’m a digital marketer, podcaster and I help tradies DIY their digital marketing and grow their businesses online.

Awesome… what does that actually mean?

I empower tradies to use tools like social media, SEO and email to increase their brands visibility online, generate leads and improve their bottom line.

What gave you the inspiration to launch The Digital Apprenticeship?

I’ve been exposed to the trade industry for as long as I can remember.

My Dad was a tradie (he still wears his overalls everyday), my brother, sister and boyfriend are tradies too.

Back in 2000, my Dad lost his building business and declared bankruptcy. Unfortunately he didn’t have access to the resources we do today, and digital marketing was a foreign concept.

He was passionate about his craft, but not passionate about the business side of things, like a lot of tradies I speak to.

At the start of this year (2020), I lost clients in the events sector due to COVID-19 and started helping my boyfriend promote his trade business online.

Just like my Dad had been many years ago, he was clueless about marketing his business and needed someone to show him the way.

I was able to find my partner consistent work through digital marketing, and within a couple of months he had landed a contract with a dream client who found him via Google!

I realised in that moment that the digital marketing skills I had developed over 10 years of experience could help tradies just like my Dad and partner find business amidst the pandemic and economic downturn.

On August 16 I launched The Digital Apprenticeship Podcast to help tradies DIY their digital marketing as well as paid services for those who want to outsource it.

Stephanie and her tradie dad.

How important is it for tradies to embrace digital marketing?

It’s crucial.

Digital marketing allows you to find your client where they are (Google, Facebook, Instagram etc) and build relationships with them in a virtual setting.

When done correctly, digital marketing is a fast and proven method to get more eyes on your business, reach new audiences and generate leads.

Traditionally, word of mouth has been the primary method of winning work amongst tradies but in comparison to digital marketing, it’s a slow burn.

“When done correctly, digital marketing is a fast and proven method to get more eyes on your business, reach new audiences and generate leads.”

Stephanie Trinder, The Digital Apprenticeship

What are your biggest tips to help tradies get started with their digital marketing?

  • Invest in your brand’s identity and guidelines
  • Create a Google My Business account
  • Have a user-friendly and professional website, even if it’s one page
  • Invest in and champion at least one social media platform
  • Create genuine relationships and conversation with your audience
  • Share high quality content that is both value-driven and connection-driven.

And what are some common digital marketing mistakes you see most often?

  • Crossing their fingers and hoping people will find them online without a strategy
  • Using social media as a sales platform
  • Sharing promotional content more than value-driven or connection-driven content
  • Boosting their Facebook or Instagram posts
Crossing your fingers is not a marketing strategy. Image by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash.

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Which of your clients have inspired you the most?

Sambar Plumbing:

Before he invested in digital marketing, Billie relied on word of mouth, felt handcuffed to working with unreliable and unpleasant clients and knew nothing about growing his business online.

I worked with Billie to create a digital marketing strategy that was aligned with his values and goals to produce consistent work, without the headache.

Amidst the pandemic and recession, with a social media following of less than 100 people, and only a couple of months after implementing the strategy, Billie secured a $50,000+ job with a developer who found him via a Google search.

Sambar Plumbing is a great example of the power of a holistic digital marketing strategy and why your follower count doesn’t matter.

What’s your marketing super power?

Using multiple digital channels to connect tradies with their ideal customers.

Finally, how can people get in touch with you if they want to know more or work with you?

If you want to learn how to DIY your digital marketing you can listen to The Digital Apprenticeship Podcast here:

If you want more, or to work with me directly, you can find me via my website: or on Instagram:

Stephanie Trinder is the head digital marketer at The Digital Apprenticeship.

She is on a mission to educate tradies about the power of digital marketing and get their businesses online and in front of their ideal customers.

Find out more about Stephanie at